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April 2016

Here are all of the books we've reviewed that were published April 2016.

Book Review

Winter's Bloom

by Carol Davala

Far from a standard romance novel, Wemlinger’s book showcases contrasts and human connections. In John Wemlinger’s Winter’s Bloom, a frozen, solitary Lake Michigan shoreline provides the perfect backdrop for an unlikely friendship... Read More

Book Review

A Solitary Awakening

by Brittney Decker

"A Solitary Awakening" is a feverish orchestration of mystery, violence, poetry, and even love. Kevin Cady’s gory psychological thriller "A Solitary Awakening" recounts the terrifying pursuit of a mastermind killer. FBI agents Elijah... Read More

Book Review

The Enigma House

by Meredith Grahl Counts

"The Enigma House" is magical and intriguing, making it a cozy choice for young readers. Rebecca Rokey’s "The Enigma House" is an inventive young-adult mystery about a family’s move into a strange old house that has rules, and maybe... Read More

Book Review

Vast Midnight

by Carol Davala

"Vast Midnight" is a mystery with a timeless feel, with unique literary stylings, a strong woman protagonist, and surprise revelations. Helena White’s "Vast Midnight" is an engaging and dramatic story about a young doctor accused of... Read More

Book Review

Beauty of Morality

by Lillian Brown

While it picks apart the human condition, Sully’s volume also takes time to put it back together. Pierre Edens Sully makes a strong entrance with his first volume of poetry, "Beauty of Morality". In the collection, current social... Read More

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