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Book Review

The Maltese Attack

by John M. Murray

In the political thriller "The Maltese Attack", headstrong young people are swept into an international power play. In Jay Perin’s thriller "The Maltese Attack", two young people become political pawns to a Libyan coup. In the early... Read More

Book Review

If or When I Call

by Anna Maria Colivicchi

Will Johnson’s novel "If or When I Call" is a contemporary tale of addiction, love, and family, set in rural Missouri. Parker and Melinda fall in love one Christmas; seven years later, their son, Ben, is born. After becoming a father,... Read More

Book Review

Nothing to Declare

by Susan Waggoner

In Richard M. Ravin’s novel "Nothing to Declare", the bonds and boundaries of a friendship are tested by the swirling counterculture of the 1970s. When Jesse and Marty met in college, Jesse was an amiable, malleable art student; Marty... Read More

Book Review

Albie's Struggle

by Karen Rigby

Albie’s Struggle, R. S. Steinberg’s psychological novel about a ten-year-old at Camp Bear Lake, explores alienation and the fallout of casual cruelties. In the book’s enigmatic opening, Albie hides from his counselors. Hints at... Read More

Book Review

About Us

by Ho Lin

The bittersweet and reflective novel "About Us" finds a young boy considering intriguing ideas in the late 1960s. Robert Chevrier’s novel "About Us" is cheeky, flamboyant, and stuffed with musings on the nature of art and the universe.... Read More

Book Review

Henri's Last Gift

by Delia Stanley

Henri’s Last Gift is a playful psychological novel that reframes life’s hardest moments as opportunities for healing. In Gilles Jaitour’s supernatural novel Henri’s Last Gift, a repressed man’s departed friends help him to face... Read More

Book Review


by John M. Murray

In the fantasy novel "Simplicity", a city tears itself apart as superheroes try to follow their moral codes. In Lucas Lamoreaux’s gritty superhero novel, "Simplicity", evil forces beset humanity, and flawed people with powers are the... Read More

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