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Book Review

The Pruning

by Dontaná McPherson-Joseph

A woman who longs for belonging navigates the perils of romance and religion in Ora Murphy’s engrossing novel. In Ora Murphy’s novel "The Pruning", a woman searches for love and religious belonging. Ruth, a single mom of three,... Read More

Book Review

Center Stage

by Aimee Jodoin

Juggling the dramas of a Senate campaign, "Center Stage" is a suspenseful novel about a rock star candidate with a party-filled past. Wayne Avrashow’s political novel "Center Stage" follows an ex-rock star’s campaign to join the US... Read More

Book Review

Timewall Speaks

by Gregory A. Lowe

"Timewall Speaks" is a fascinating novel about an ex-convict who’s searching for a sense of purpose. In his coming-of-age novel with dark undercurrents, "Timewall Speaks", Kirk Ward Robinson portrays both human cruelty and the... Read More

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