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Books Reviewed by Pallas Gates McCorquodale

Book Review

Mr. Tanner

Originally released in 1973 as a music track from singer-songwriter Harry Chapin’s Short Stories album, Mr. Tanner tells the tale of a midwestern dry cleaner with a passion... Read More

Book Review

Go, Green Gecko!

A lone lizard travels across the wild landscape of the New Zealand bush-munching bugs and traversing branches, always keeping a watchful eye out for any lurking threats in... Read More

Book Review

Daddy's Sandwich

Intent on making a snack for her father, a thoughtful young girl creates a monumental sub, in Daddy’s Sandwich, from Pip Jones. Even Dagwood would be impressed when she... Read More

Book Review

Daddy's Girl

Girly girls and pretty princesses can still spend quality time with Dad, especially if he’s willing to wear a crown and attend a tea party. In Daddy’s Girl, by Helen Foster... Read More

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