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Book Review


by Dontaná McPherson-Joseph

Saving the universe requires planning, preparation, and considerable fighting in the series science fiction novel Yun’sara. A former space captain and an ancient enemy face off in Paul L. Centeno’s science fiction novel Yun’sara.... Read More

Book Review

Orpheus Rising

by Nancy Powell

"Orpheus Rising" is a magical, memorable middle grade adventure that handles a serious topic with narrative grace. Lance Lee’s "Orpheus Rising" is a modern allegorical retelling of the Orpheus myth. In it, a father-son team is pitted... Read More

Book Review

A Mountain of Evidence

by Delia Stanley

Set in a small town, the charming mystery novel "A Mountain of Evidence" centers on a fugitive whose vulnerability becomes her strength. In Amy O. Lewis’s thriller A Mountain of Evidence, a woman on the run from one complicated... Read More

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