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Book Review

A Death at the Potawatomi Club

by Carolina Ciucci

"A Death at the Potawatomi Club" is a leisurely mystery novel set in the world of private clubs and big money. In Stephen Timbers’s mystery novel "A Death at the Potawatomi Club", a man hopes to solve a murder while protecting his life... Read More

Book Review

She Could Be You

by Michele Sharpe

"She Could Be You" is a collection of poems that invites contemplation and recognition of our shared humanity. In Margaret Joeline Brinson’s measured poetry collection "She Could Be You", vignettes about daily emotional struggles lead... Read More

Book Review

It's All in the Journey

by Jeremiah Rood

It’s All in the Journey is a powerful testimonial work about how God changes people’s lives for the better. Lesa Hunt’s It’s All in the Journey is a heartbreaking religious book about how faith operates after a childhood of... Read More

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