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Book Review


by Aimee Jodoin

This businessman’s rags-to-riches tale, filled with adventure, is an entertaining read. Entrepreneur—and now author and actor—Tariku Bogale has lived a remarkable life and has enjoyed extraordinary success. His memoir, Unstoppable... Read More

Book Review

Dystortions: Purple Haze

by Eva Schegulla

This alternate world—sharpening the positive, the grotesque, and the ridiculous—can be both wonderful and fascinating. Lisa Pell’s science fiction novel "Dystortions: Purple Haze" has an intriguing premise that combines an eerily... Read More

Book Review

Lockheed Elite

by Joseph S. Pete

Never failing to entertain, "Lockheed Elite" establishes characters who could recur in a series that would find a loyal audience. Tyler Wandschneider’s "Lockheed Elite" stands out as a captivating, well-plotted science fiction novel... Read More

Book Review

Marines Never Cry

by Pallas Gates McCorquodale

"Marines Never Cry" is an uncompromising coming-of-age story that clarifies the nature of war. He laughed his way through high school and basic training. Now, fresh off of Parris Island, Zeke Hammond is eager to join the fight against... Read More

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