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Book Review

Hands-on Brain

by Ho Lin

The New Age theories in "Hands-on Brain" include useful exercises for cleansing the mind and spirit. Rene Qian’s New Age text "Hands-on Brain" explores how the brain’s electrical fields impact people’s physical and mental health;... Read More

Book Review

Elemental Natures

by Mari Carlson

Inviting meditation, the poems of "Elemental Natures" are disturbing and enlightening as they address contemporary American cacophonies. Lance Lee’s retrospective collection of poems, art, and an essay, "Elemental Natures", addresses... Read More

Book Review

Finding My Yip

by Vivian Turnbull

Filled with friendship, adventure, and a lot of puppy charm, "Finding My Yip" is an entertaining children’s story about what it means to be brave. In Christine Isley-Farmer’s sweet children’s book "Finding My Yip", a girl and her... Read More

Book Review

Prohibition Wine

by Karen Rigby

"Prohibition Wine" is a sincere biographical tribute to a grandmother’s sacrifices that’s set during a colorful time in American history. "Prohibition Wine" is Marian Leah Knapp’s compact, elegant biography of her grandmother, an... Read More

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