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Book Review


by Karen Rigby

In the young adult mystery novel "Botheration", teenagers contend both with ordinary problems and a cyber terrorism investigation. In Vito DiBarone’s edgy mystery novel Botheration: Part One: The Missing Link, high school students seek... Read More

Book Review

Hope Rises

by John M. Murray

"Hope Rises" is an intense thriller in which a headstrong woman discovers the truth about her seemingly idyllic home. In Ryan Souter’s dystopian novel "Hope Rises", a woman with a disability strives to join an elite force. In the near... Read More

Book Review

The Vanishing Type

by Hilary Daninhirsch

Ellery Adams’s cozy mystery novel "The Vanishing Type" is a testament to women’s friendship—with sides of murder, romance, coffee, and baked goods. Nora is the owner of Miracle Books in North Carolina, in a town where visitors come... Read More

Book Review

The Illusion of Simple

by Eileen Gonzalez

In Charles Forrest Jones’s mystery novel "The Illusion of Simple", a murder exposes a struggling community’s unsavory side. No one in Stonewall, Kansas, liked Russ very much, so his murder is met with little surprise and less sorrow.... Read More

Book Review

The Walled Garden

by Eileen Gonzalez

In Robin Farrar Maass’s academic mystery novel "The Walled Garden", decades-old secrets are given voice by a determined graduate student. After promising to fulfill her grandmother’s dying wish, Lucy travels from California to... Read More

Book Review

Secrets & Lies

by Carolina Ciucci

Introducing an exciting new heroine, Secrets & Lies is a gripping mystery novel about a paralegal’s quest for justice. In L. C. Rooney’s gratifying mystery novel Secrets & Lies, a freelance paralegal is forced to take on an... Read More

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