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Book Review

Lotty Enters the Building

by Claire Foster

A flighty investigator distracts herself with the prospect of love in the lighthearted mystery novel "Lotty Enters the Building". Louise Embling’s cozy British mystery novel "Lotty Enters the Building" stars an inept but lovable... Read More

Book Review

A Spell of Rowans

by Jeana Jorgensen

The fantastical novel "A Spell of Rowans" combines murder mystery, magic, and mayhem for an exciting tour of a family’s history and trauma. Byrd Nash’s novel "A Spell of Rowans" revolves around a family with esoteric gifts and dark... Read More

Book Review

The Fury before the Fire

by Melissa Lance

The small town thriller "The Fury before the Fire" follows a woman who fights to keep the peace in her town and in her life. In Bill Percy’s fifth installment of the Monastery Valley series, "The Fury before the Fire", a deputy... Read More

Book Review

Lethal Control

by Delia Stanley

"Lethal Control" is a physician-led mystery with a strong social message. In Kate Scannell’s mystery novel "Lethal Control", doctors investigating strange symptoms unravel a capitalist conspiracy. Nora is a physician who’s seen wild... Read More

Book Review

Dangerous Waters

by Karen Mulvahill

In Susan Hunter’s thriller Dangerous Waters, a newspaperwoman undertakes a murder investigation while navigating the difficulties of her romantic life. Leah returns to her dilapidated hometown after a failure in the big city. Leah’s... Read More

Book Review

Porno Valley

by Randi Hacker

In Philip Elliott’s hard-boiled mystery Porno Valley, an aging private eye tracks down a missing porn star in a case that involves sex, drugs, and rock and roll. Mickey is seventy-eight and ready to retire when a young porn actress... Read More

Book Review

Murder Most Fair

by Wendy Hinman

Anna Lee Huber’s "Murder Most Fair" is a captivating story set in post-World War I Britain. Verity Kent was a Secret Service agent during WWI. Though sworn to secrecy by the Official Secrets Act, in Germany, Verity divulged her wartime... Read More

Book Review

Capitol Murder

by Delia Stanley

"Capitol Murder" is a compelling thriller that looks inside the United States’s health care system. In Mike Brogan’s political thriller "Capitol Murder", two ambitious women working to see universal health care legislation passed in... Read More

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