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Book Review

Young Americans

by Karen Rigby

"Young Americans" is a visceral novel about treachery, filled with colorful period details. In Peter S. Rush’s "Young Americans", a hard-boiled crime novel set in the 1970s, an ambitious marijuana dealer is betrayed after he tries... Read More

Book Review

The Agent

by Eileen Gonzalez

"The Agent" is an understated mystery about a scam whose perpetrators are motivated by much more than greed. A trio of con artists converges on their latest mark in Marsha Roberts’s mystery novel, "The Agent". Victoria’s business... Read More

Book Review

Winter of the Wolf

by Angela McQuay

In Martha Hunt Handler’s young adult mystery "Winter of the Wolf", a girl recovering from her brother’s death searches for answers. Bean is devastated when her brother, Sam, is found dead after an apparent suicide. As her family... Read More

Book Review

Fire and Vengeance

by Delia Stanley

In Robert McCaw’s winding thriller, a conflicted cop wrangles a conspiracy and a family emergency. When a volcanic vent explodes under an elementary school, it leaves ten children dead. There is evidence that people knew about the... Read More

Book Review


by Benjamin Welton

With its instances of violence, hatred, and vengeance, "Payback" is a classically styled detective novel that contains messages about healing wide and open wounds. Steve Bassett’s "Payback" is a haunting mystery novel about love, hate,... Read More

Book Review

Saving Tuna Street

by Delia Stanley

Nancy Nau Sullivan’s "Saving Tuna Street" is a small-town mystery whose spunky heroine wants to preserve her beloved neighborhood. Blanche doesn’t just live in Santa Maria: she’s part of the island, like its mangrove trees and wild... Read More

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