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  • Why No Netflix for Books?

    Because Binge-Readers Think Differently

    Honestly, the reason that these programs like Oyster and Scribd are failing isn't because the masses have suddenly turned their eye to their screens rather than the page. It's that books are a harder product to sell en masse than TV shows and movies.

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  • Book of the Day

    Froelich's Ladder

    Bristling with the bizarre, this novel is a fantastical commentary on humanity’s interconnectedness, wrapped in the trappings of American tall tales and fairy tales.

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  • 5 Books to End Summer on a Literary Note

    If, in the midst of summer travels, you neglected to pack the freshest literary releases, we’ve got a tidy solution. Here, you’ll find a quick rundown of a few summer titles that are very worthy of your immediate attention.

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  • Artisanal Reading

    With Porcupine's Quill

    A Porcupine’s Quill volume is an experience, with paper that invites touch and images in vibrant colors. You’ll want to turn these books in your hands again and again. We talked to founder Tim Inkster about why that presentation is so important.

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  • Well Versed in Summer's Poetry

    Whether they’re ridiculing convention or finding meaning in addiction, straining purpose from long days or alleviating emotional tension, the poetry collections featured in our Summer Issue give careful readers much to consider.

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  • America's Last Wild Place: A Love Letter

    It’s been 100 years since the creation of the National Park Service, and one of the United States’ most iconic parks is Yellowstone. If Yellowstone National Park had a voice, it would be that of Michael J. Yochim.

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  • 6 Books on Fighting Climate Change

    Though climate change is a real concern, some choose to ignore the evidence and scientific consensus. But these six books featured in our Summer 2016 issue show that it is a very clear and present danger.

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  • Bridges to New Worlds

    Great books are bridges to new worlds, and gifted translators make our far-flung literary journeys possible, offering passports to places and experiences that even the most intrepid travelers will never know. Enjoy your journey!

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  • Navigating by Book

    A Conversation with Europa Editions

    This daring publisher’s catalog includes titles that illuminate the spaces between communities, addressing the unspoken needs, hidden desires, and whispered fears that bind us, no matter what borders we live between.

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  • Last Call for Beijing

    In a few weeks, we'll make the 15+ hour trip to the Beijing Book Fair. This is the last call to have your books included. We'll meet with publishers on your behalf and walk you through the process of selling your rights. Why is China such a big deal?

    Publisher Victoria Sutherland Explains

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