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  • Book of the Day


    Whether she’s writing about her uniquely dysfunctional family, caring for cancer patients, or teaching inner-city kids about expressing themselves through words, Tisdale's essays feel both intimate and immediate.

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  • Wondrous Tales for Young Minds

    The Best Middle Grade Titles from Spring 2016

    These books for young readers trade between exploring the breadth and diversity of the world, and encouraging creative existence within it; they all share one thing in common, though--they’re ready to awaken wonder.

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  • 5 Indie Mysteries to Keep You Guessing

    Everyone loves a mystery that keeps you feverishly reading until the very last puzzle piece has been placed. One of these five mysteries reviewed in our Spring 2016 edition are sure to catch your eye.

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  • Fresh Lessons for Spring

    The Best of New Picture Books

    Whether you’re trying to convince your child to eat their vegetables, or are imparting the importance of sharing, these creative new picture books all offer means of introducing classic concepts to curious minds.

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  • Indie Bookstore Reads its Local Community

    With competition in the real and virtual worlds, local booksellers need to be more than just a place to buy books. They need to be a part of their communities. Tattered Cover Book Store in Denver has found the right formula.

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  • Translations that Cross the Culture Gap

    The best translators can also bring nuance across the gap, the silent cultural and contextual meanings between the words. These translations featured in our Spring 2016 issue retain all the interest and allure of the originals.

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  • 3 Ways to Read in a Changing World

    Reading is a profound act. But we’ve all changed. We’re more connected than ever through technology and globalization, but never has it been more important to really connect, to honor that immemorial covenant between reader and writer.

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  • Top 8 Literary Fiction Releases for Spring

    Literary fiction is designed to reach a deeper part in the reader, to incite a more significant emotion. Filled with turmoil, reflection, and beauty, these books featured in our Spring 2016 edition are all worth a read.

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  • Foreword Announces INDIEFAB Finalists

    Here are the finalists for our 2015 INDIEFAB Book of the Year Awards, proving that quality does not need to come from giant publishing conglomerates. Take a look at these books and then dare tell us that the indie publishing revolution has not arrived.

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