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  • Book of the Day

    On the Future

    Martin Rees has been England’s Astronomer Royal since 1995; he also taught at Cambridge University. With his prestigious scientific background, he is well-positioned to comment on the opportunities and threats that humanity faces...

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  • Book of the Day Roundup October 8 - 12

    This week’s Books of the Day are as intriguing as ever, and varied to please every book lover.

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  • Interview with Kate Inglis

    Author of Notes for the Everlost

    For the length of time it takes to read this interview, set aside what you know and let Kate Inglis tell you about grief from her perspective.

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  • An Interview with Author Robert W. Turner

    Professional football is on the hotseat right now, deservedly so

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  • Interview with Author Lisa Kohn

    Nearly all of us are vulnerable to powerful people.

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Book Review

Unholy Land

by Michelle Anne Schingler

There are some who know many faces of the divine, but their knowledge is not necessarily desirable. Lavie Tidhar’s stunning science fiction adventure, "Unholy Land", moves between incarnations of Jewish being with alacrity, hunger, and... Read More


Not for Long

by Karl Helicher

Reviewer Karl Helicher Huddles with Robert W. Turner, Author of Not For Long: The Life and Career of the NFL Athlete / Professional football is on the hotseat right now, deservedly so. Concussions, the league’s response to Colin... Read More

Book Review

Duty to Warn

by John M. Murray

Sara Kersting’s "Duty to Warn" is a finely tuned, suspenseful chase story. Psychologist David Malden has been working with a patient, Robert Percy, during his off hours. When Percy suddenly returns to rural Michigan, Malden fears the... Read More

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