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  • Hannibal's Chef: How to Serve Your Friends

    It is in the morbid spirit of All Hallows’ Eve that we present to you an interview with Janice Poon—author, food stylist, and creator of the incredibly eye-catching dishes of ambiguous provenance that adorn NBC’s show Hannibal.

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  • Librarians Watch Government Watching You

    Publishers and Authors Should, too

    A brave group of public librarians and the American Association of Law Libraries are lobbying against government monitoring of library patrons' computer use. Join us in this important fight for privacy.

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  • Why Must Romances End With a Wedding?

    For romances, this season represents closure: the satisfying conclusion of a long, lusty courtship between two characters. In a romance, the first kiss is just as important as the last dance. So why do romances usually end with a wedding?

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  • Brian Wilson

    A Memoir Made for These Times

    Brian Wilson’s music is ubiquitous. It thrums through our collective memory, recalling sun-soaked days and a vibrancy that is pulsatingly human. Now, the man behind the music emerges with a revealing new memoir. We asked Brian about his book and work.

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  • Write Toward Empathy and Understanding

    The memoir is an exceptionally powerful tool for presenting new points of view and perspectives, and for ensuring that diversity isn’t a flat prospect but a vibrant tapestry. Each memoir here, featured in our Fall 2016 issue, achieves this.

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  • Author Learns to Quiet the Chaos of OCD

    If you find yourself brushing your teeth with the exact same number of strokes every morning, washing your hands after you touch doorknobs, you may think you have. But, odds are, you don’t. In my interview, author Kirsten Pagacz explains.

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  • The Marriage of the Millennium

    Could the Union of Science and Spirituality Bring About a New Tipping Point?

    What if science could contribute an understanding of the biological basis for enlightenment, and then, create new technologies to facilitate it? The possibilities inherent in such a fusion are astounding.

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  • Witness the Dawning of Imaginative New Worlds

    The Best New Indie Sci-Fi of the Fall

    With dystopian sagas on the wane the best new science fiction strikes out for unexplored territory. These eight stories and collections are marked by character-driven plots and aliens as complex, individualistic, and eccentric as humans.

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