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  • Book of the Day

    Are the Androids Dreaming Yet?

    In this hefty examination of creativity, free will, and the meaning of humanity, engineer James Tagg discusses the similarities and differences between humans and computers. It provides a whirlwind tour of philosophy, computing, logic, and communication.

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  • Addressing Sexual Assault in YA Fiction

    Teens struggling with the touchy topic of sexual assault need dialogue. They need a safe literary place they can go in order to find parallels to their own situations, or education on the topic, without risking ridicule.

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  • How to Maintain NaNoWriMo Momentum

    For years I’ve wanted to participate in NaNoWriMo, National Novel Writing Month, in which November is devoted to writing 50,000 words. Comradery and external pressures create a fortuitous combination for some, while others might find it too strenuous.

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  • No Mystery Here

    These are Top Indie Whodunnits

    If you were a detective in a past life, or perhaps an aspiring one now, we’ve got some cases for you to crack. By the time you’re finished, you’ll be a regular Sherlock Holmes. Recommend your favorites to Watson!

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  • So You Want to Be a Superhero

    Have you ever wished you could throw on a cape and be gifted with superpowers? Or maybe you already have a cape, and you like to wear it while you read. Yeah, uh, we don’t do that either. That would be weird. Still, here are six indie hero books.

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  • Books That Change the Way People See the World

    Publisher Daniel Slager says Milkweed Editions specializes in “books that change the way people see the world,” and with more than three decades under its belt, and award-winning books to showcase, it must be working. We wanted to know more.

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  • Enter for a Chance to Win

    Following our mission to spread the word about great books from independent publishers and authors, we want to give you over 10 chances to enter and win stacks of indie self-help books for your private library---a $500 value!

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  • The Millennial Readers' Informal Book Club

    We travel in packs and ravage our local bookstores, talking and giggling. Our post-reading discussions are extremely informal. One minute you’re sitting in the coffee shop, sipping your latte, and the next, someone asks if you’ve finished reading.

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  • 7 Books On Veterans Who Bring War Home

    Veterans Day is all about honoring those who have served our country. It’s also about recognizing their struggles, knowing that sometimes, they bring the war home with them. These books are the stories of veterans, their memoirs, and biographies.

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