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  • Book of the Day

    My Heart Hemmed In

    Ndiaye’s novel is haunting in its strangeness and is pointed in its warnings—that happiness cannot come at the expense of one’s core.

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  • Race, Sexuality, Dispossession, Dead-End Liasons — The Stuff of Life

    The books we feature here represent a huge variety, encompassing everything from a travel notebook to a set of personal essays. All these authors are consummate storytellers looking for the crucial moments that define a life.

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  • A Spotlight on Wayne State University Press

    75 Years as a Voice for Diverse Detroit

    Wayne State University Press keeps producing books of great quality. Its location in Michigan, with its diverse climate, landscape, and people, have made it an important voice for the history, culture, and environment of the Great Lakes State and beyond.

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  • Gift Books that Contain Larger Worlds

    If you think about how big the world is, it’s pretty amazing that authors manage to put it into such small containers like books. These six gift books reviewed in our July/August issue capture large worlds between their pages.

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  • Immigrant Stories Inside Immigrant Stories

    South Asian American Women Find Voice

    There are immigrant stories, and then there are stories within immigrant stories. These tales of cultural transition are told through the perspective of South Asian Women, voices not often heard in American literature. We talk to the anthology's editor.

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  • IndieVoices Podcast: Autism Reads

    Authors and Characters on the Spectrum

    Between all the pet theories, and pages upon pages of speculating about autism's cause, often what is left out are the voices of autistic people themselves, or their families who can speak for them. Those are the voices we are featuring in our podcast.

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  • Graphic Novels: Black, White, and Shades of Gray

    Wherever your moral compass code points, you’ll be able to find a graphic novel in these five reviewed in our July/August 2017 issue.

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  • Baby, The Thrill Ain't Never Gone

    From gunfights to gangs, prostitution rings to psychology labs, these high-octane adventures have violent ends, and plenty of adrenaline in between.

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  • INDIES Awarded

    Today, we announced the winners of our INDIES Book of the Year Awards. Congratulations to all the winners selected. They represent the best of indie publishing this past year.

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