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Deadly Echoes

Nonstop action, exotic locales, keep this thriller fresh and exciting. Philip Donlay’s Deadly Echoes is a thrill ride from start to finish. In his fourth outing, Donovan Nash finds himself up against his longtime sworn enemy, Garrick Pearce. Globe-trotting and nonstop . . . read more

In Velvet

This thrilling novel has a breathless pace that combines science and nature to create nail-biting tension. Bears are hibernating in summer and Irish elk have returned from extinction. With such strange occurrences happening in Yellowstone Park and a vendetta-fueled sheriff . . . read more

Never Say a Mean Word Again: A Tale from Medieval Spain

Appealing acrylic illustrations, a wonderful story, and an important message make this book enjoyable for children and adults. A story of bullying, acceptance, and friendship, Never Say a Mean Word Again: A Tale from Medieval Spain, by Jacqueline Jules, is loosely inspired . . . read more

Mahavira: The Hero of Nonviolence

This rich, colorful treat teaches children and parents the roots of a nonviolent faith that inspired Gandhi and MLK. Mahavira: The Hero of Nonviolence is a beautifully illustrated children’s story based upon the life of a teacher of the Jain faith. With lots of bright . . . read more

Becoming Lady Lockwood

Moore does a lovely job of showcasing sizzle in this must-read for fans of regency and historical romance. It is romance on the high seas for Miss Amelia Beckett and Captain Sir William Drake in Jennifer Moore’s debut novel, Becoming Lady Lockwood. Sweet rather than . . . read more