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  • Authors, Don't Give Your Index the Finger

    It is said that if one does one’s job well, one becomes invisible. This is certainly true of the noble index, soul of the book and friend to the misbegotten. Yet we do not sing songs of our indexes. They are forgotten heroes.

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  • Cuban Sci-Fi

    Viva La Dystopia

    Cuba is not a place where you'd think sci-fi would thrive, but most good science fiction is usually a hidden commentary on our own societies. Under Castro, sci-fi was a perfect way for Cubans to describe their own particular present-day dystopia.

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  • Get Your Wild On

    Genetically, you've got the right stuff to do battle with woolly mammoths. Done any fight-or-flighting lately? These books will help you tap those special powers.

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  • Girl Power

    15 Inspirational YA Female Protagonists

    These fifteen feminist YA novels represent teen girls accurately: They’re brave. They’re smart. They’re capable. They know what they want. Dive into any one of these books and help to give these people and this genre the credit they deserve.

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  • Making Sense of the Islamic State

    We have all been horrified by the Islamic State. Few people completely understand it. But one person who comes close is Charles R. Lister. His book, The Islamic State: A Brief Introduction, gives digestible background to an inexplicable story.

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  • INDIEFAB Early Bird

    Register Now for Book of the Year Award

    You have a great book, you're looking for some recognition, and you want a wider audience to fall in love with it. That's where Foreword's annual book awards program comes in. Enter now for a discount.

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