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  • Browncoats Rejoice

    No Power in the 'Verse Could Stop the Serenity Sequel

    Firefly ran for only one glorious TV season. Luckily, the cult sci-fi classic is continuing in comic form. "Serenity: Leaves on the Wind" is science fiction excellence rooted firmly in its characters and filled with equal parts heart and humor.

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  • Edward Snowden

    Beyond 'Hero' or 'Traitor'

    People tend to have polarized opinions about NSA whistle-blower Edward Snowden. But Indiana University Press gets beyond that simple two-toned narrative. How to balance security and openness in a democracy? That's how The Snowden Reader was born.

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  • Black History Month

    11 Books You Won't Find in History Class

    February is Black History Month and, on social media, we’ve been recommending a book a day to help fill in some of the holes your history books might have skipped over. Here, we’ve turned it up to eleven with our top recommendations.

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  • Read the Whole Rainbow

    To create change through books takes more than representing diversity; it takes celebrating peoples’ differences without acknowledging them outright. This might seem counterintuitive, but it’s not.

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  • Saving Science

    Books Based on Crowdfunded Discoveries? I'd Read That

    People love to cite Fifty Shades of Grey as a self-published work breaking into the mainstream, but that’s a poor representation of our true potential. What about the next great discovery made in a DIY lab and published so that everyone can read it?

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  • New Soil for American Jewish Fiction

    Fig Tree Books launched this year, but it can trace its roots back to George Washington, who prepared the ground from the beginning for a rich Jewish culture to spring from American soil. That literary culture is finding continuity in Alan Cheuse.

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