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  • All Moments are Beautiful

    The 'Poet of Instagram'

    R. M. Drake, has accomplished what most self-published writers dream about. Put your work out there and, solely through the strength of social media and without a giant marketing machine, cause a viral sensation and earn a job-quitting income.

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  • Book of the Day

    Glycerine: A Detective Lane Mystery

    Sales of glycerine are up in the city of Calgary, and there are also reported thefts of sulfuric and nitric acid. Mixing these chemicals together in the correct combination can create the notoriously unstable—and deadly—nitroglycerine.

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  • 8 Coloring Books To Soothe Your Inner Child

    There’s something soothing about coloring in a coloring book. Long considered an activity for kids, there’s a growing trend in coloring books for adults—featuring intricate details and soothing shapes—spearheaded, of course, by indie publishers.

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  • Bazillion Points Creates Small, Beautiful Moments in Music History

    In 2007, bookseller Ian Christe deduced a need in the publishing market for nuanced books covering multiple modern music genres. No stranger to the worlds of book publishing—and, specifically, the heavy metal music scene, he founded Bazillion Points.

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  • Publisher and Bookstores Indie Together

    Life can be tough for an indie bookstore, which might rather see a product churned out by the Big 5 fly off their shelves rather than take a chance on a local unknown. That's what indie publisher Light Messages hopes to help change.

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  • INDIEFAB Early Bird

    Register Now for Book of the Year Award

    You have a great book, you're looking for some recognition, and you want a wider audience to fall in love with it. That's where Foreword's annual book awards program comes in. Enter now for a discount.

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