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Shrink Thyself

This full-on satire gives voice to wry observations about baby boomer life, nicely linking theme to character. In Shrink Thyself, a character study masquerading as black humor, author Bill Scheft tosses enough troubles in Charlie Traub’s path to send a lesser man running . . . read more

Subway to California

Di Prisco can see even the most heartbreaking events in his life with a dysfunctional family through the lens of a lively sense of humor. In Subway to California, Joseph Di Prisco manages to make a memoir read like fiction as he chronicles his chaotic childhood amid his . . . read more

The Whip

Based on the true story of a pioneering woman who lived as a man, this riveting title showcases the best and the worst of America. A skillful blend of fact and fiction, Karen Kondazian’s incredible story of a courageous nineteenth-century heroine dramatizes actual events . . . read more

Gardens of the Soul: Making Sacred and Shamanic Art

Nolton reminds readers through her engaging and encouraging words that creation as a spiritual pursuit is worthwhile, if challenging, work. Welsh visionary artist Faith Nolton shares stories and paintings from her path as a shamanic guide and artist in Gardens of the Soul: . . . read more

Elective Procedures

A tale of murder and plastic surgery told with crisp, memorable dialogue. Elective Procedures, by Merry Jones, combines many familiar aspects of a pulp mystery novel—an exotic locale, multiple suspected killers, the protagonist becoming a potential victim. Instead of a . . . read more

Deadly Echoes

Nonstop action, exotic locales, keep this thriller fresh and exciting. Philip Donlay’s Deadly Echoes is a thrill ride from start to finish. In his fourth outing, Donovan Nash finds himself up against his longtime sworn enemy, Garrick Pearce. Globe-trotting and nonstop . . . read more

In Velvet

This thrilling novel has a breathless pace that combines science and nature to create nail-biting tension. Bears are hibernating in summer and Irish elk have returned from extinction. With such strange occurrences happening in Yellowstone Park and a vendetta-fueled sheriff . . . read more

Taxed Out: How the Income Tax Shortchanges America

Well organized and written, Taxed Out lays out a plan for abolishing the income tax. Taxed Out, by the father-and-son duo Donald S. Chambers and Curtis W. Chambers, is an innovative analysis of the federal income tax with a subtitle nearly as long as the book itself. It is . . . read more