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  • Front and Center

    Biographies Showcase the Theater of Life

    These eight biographies have little in common, but each is the tale of a life worth examining.

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  • Love on the Move

    How do you measure love? By its intensity, its capacity to change the world? This fall’s indie romances ask readers to see differently, appreciate the unfamiliar, and fall in love with what’s new and dazzling.

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  • Wisdom, Health, and Cosmic Connection

    This collection of books touches on all those possibilities and beyond, from a look at the esoteric roots of 1960s music to a call for more diversity in Western Buddhism.

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  • Only One Planet

    Climate Change Books Reviewed in September/October 2017

    It’s time we took care of our planet and encouraged others to do the same. For information on how to do that, read one of the six books reviewed in our September/October 2017 issue.

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  • The Gift of Books

    To a book lover, gift books may be a term too specifically applied to one subset of literature; all books are gifts. These eight books reviewed in our September/October 2017 issue are especially gifty.

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Children's Books the Chinese Way

by Matt Sutherland

The fifth annual China Children’s Book Fair was recently held in dynamic, tidy, and architecturally stunning Shanghai. With several of the world’s tallest buildings, an amazing riverfront, and futuristic ambiance, it is truly a... Read More


Yasmeen Haddad Loves Joanasi Maqaittik

by Constance Augusta Zaber

What’s Foreword Face Off? Glad you asked. Here at Foreword, we’ve long craved to know more about the authors of some of our favorite indie books but the pace of magazine publishing always kept us moving on to the next book, next... Read More


An Urgent Need for Authors of Color

by Mya Alexice

We find ourselves at a time of great political uncertainty, when ideologies once thought distant are again clashing for power. At first glance, so much progress blossomed in the last decade. America saw its first black president.... Read More

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