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  • Bob Dylan's Destiny is About Change

    On December 10, the winners of the 2016 Nobel Prize will converge on Stockholm to accept the honor. All except one. There will be a Bob Dylan-sized hole in the proceedings. No surprise. Dylan's always been about change. One author has documented it.

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  • A Series of Questions with Lemony Snicket

    Children's Author Talks Graphic Novels

    Many superheroes have aliases, and literary superheroes are no different. Daniel Handler, aka Lemony Snicket, has written many works under his own name and that of his famous pseudonym. Handler shares his thoughts on comics and literature.

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  • Why are Libraries Failing to Loan E-Books?

    Lead Patrons to the Digital Waters

    You spend thousands of taxpayer dollars on a fancy-schmancy digital book loaning system, and then your taxpaying patrons don’t use it. You know they’ve got smartphones—they’re constantly yakking on them in your quiet study area—so what gives?

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  • Raise a Pint!

    To Books and Brew

    For Lucy Burningham, a particularly appealing IPA changed everything. As the craft beer movement expanded, she committed to up her knowledge by becoming a cicerone; her new book explores that journey to brew expertise.

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  • Adventure Awaits in 5 New Picture Books

    It doesn’t take much to spark an adventure: the right blend of imagination and spunk is a great first step. In these children's books from our new Winter 2017 issue, kids learn that the next bit of wonder may be as close as a turn away.

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  • They Believe

    SETI's Search for Extraterrestrial Life

    Lawrence Squeri’s fascinating new examination of the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence reveals that its originators, though scientists, were absorbed with the unknown. In our interview with the historian, we asked about this and more.

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  • Healthy Comforting Imaginative

    All in a Single Recipe

    This new collection of standout independently published cookbooks responds to greater interest in working with high-quality ingredients, accessible instruction, and healthier versions of traditional recipes.

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  • Top University Press Picks

    University presses give life to new ideas and voices that constantly challenge the status quo. Ten new releases this winter exemplify how far and wide university presses are searching for work of merit and substance.

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