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  • Time Travel Romance: Timeless Escape

    On a bad day, nothing is more comforting than traveling vicariously to the waiting arms of a lover who lives in another century. That makes sense ... to aficionados of time travel romance. These 2015 releases will delight the time travel thrill seeker.

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  • Book of the Day

    Bring Me the Head of Yorkie Goodman

    The assassins: two hit men from North Carolina. The target: a Hoosier farmer. The purpose: hard to say. Every player has his own agenda. Alongside a portrayal of mobsters clinging to their masculinity, Yates reveals the nonsense of revenge.

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  • Read It, Lest We Repeat It

    History at its most compelling, depressing, and unfathomable

    History is fun, and might provide guidelines for the future. These eight books make the case. Want to kill a bear with Davy Crockett? Come along. Plus, get an overview of the surprisingly enlightened conservation concerns of nineteenth-century hunters.

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  • Librarians of Change

    Keep Calm and Teach On

    A library system in Florida almost lost its funding due to local politicians who were clueless about what libraries do. Fortunately, library boosters kept calm and educated the politicians. Read what happened next.

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  • Crowdfunding Your Book?

    Authors Tell Us How It's Done

    A growing population of writers have discovered the great potential in soliciting the masses to help them with their dreams of publication. But not every crowdfunding campaign is successful. I interview three authors who were able to fund their books.

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  • Foreword’s Indie Book Stack Sweepstakes

    Following our mission to spread the word about great books from independent publishers and authors, we want to give you a chance to enter and win stacks of indie books. We’d like to announce The Indie Book Stacks Sweepstakes: Poetry Books Edition.

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  • Inhabit Media

    The North Star of the Inuit

    Once upon a time (2006) in a faraway land (Northern Canada), there lived a man who looked around his kingdom (well, constitutional monarchy) and saw the stories of its aboriginal peoples were fading into memory. That’s why he founded Inhabit Media.

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  • Getting Along With One Another

    Even as the concept of family has evolved, at least one thing has remained constant: the desire to improve the quality of life. From capturing romance to disciplining a terrible two, these books will lend a hand.

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  • Can't Beat This

    Cookbooks Do Things the Digital Food World Can't

    Pity the cookbook author. Bloggers rampantly reprint recipes without permission. But hold the tea and sympathy, because home cooks are still gobbling up books about food and cooking. Today’s cookbooks abound with beautiful design.

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