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  • Reading Globally

    An Interview with Megan McDowell

    Change is coming, but books will help to take us where we need to go. Works in translation, especially, will help us to peer over all manner of walls. Translators like Megan McDowell are the key to our access; we asked her about her translation work.

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  • Adulting We Will Go

    In these eight young adult novels, which range from light and humorous to serious and thought-provoking, protagonists navigate new friendship, relationships, and responsibilities as they come of age in strange and sometimes hostile worlds.

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  • The High Road to Middle Grade

    Middle grade books are generally geared towards ages eight to twelve, but there’s plenty for adults to engage with, too. We’ve chosen eight outstanding new titles on a broad range of topics.

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  • In a World of Possibilities

    The picture books we’ve reviewed in our Children’s 2017 Spotlight are fantastical and sure to incite a child’s imagination. Monsters and fairy tales, dreams and goals are bountiful.

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  • Speaking of High-Functioning Sociopaths

    Jacob M. Appel delves into the mind of a high-functioning sociopath, drawing upon his experience as a psychiatrist, in his latest book. In our interview, Appel discusses how he can enter this scary head-space. But what about psychoanalyzing politicians?

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  • Interested in the Past? Young Adult Books from Winter 2017

    Who needs history class when you can learn about the ’80s in America, the ‘40s in Poland, and the 1590s in Italy all in these young adult books reviewed in our Winter 2017 edition?

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  • Islam and Hip-Hop

    An Unorthodox Beat

    To Purdue scholar Su’ad Abdul Khabeer, hip-hop and American Islam are a natural match: both flourish beyond, and comment upon, a hostile status quo. And both provide a place of refuge and expression for African Americans held at the margins.

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  • A Thousand Words on Every Page

    Graphic Novels of Winter 2017

    Graphic novels can translate facial expression, landscape, and minute detail from words to art, which can make for an invaluable reading experience. These graphic novels from our Winter 2017 issue offer that experience.

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  • Lessons to Love: Clever Winter 2017 Children's Books

    There’s a reason children love to be read to; their books are instilled with wonder and fun characters. But the depth of children’s books cannot be overlooked. It’s easy to love children’s books when the lessons are as good as these.

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