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  • Wings Press

    With 'Latin@ Rising' Release, San Antonio Publisher Continues to Soar

    An independent publisher with an appellation as uplifting as Wings Press just sings ascent. With the 2017 release of Latin@ Rising, Wings has published the first ever collection of Latino science fiction and fantasy.

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  • Focused, Skillful, Challenging

    The Essentials of Short Storytelling

    The collections featured here are culturally diverse and run the gamut of human emotion; beautifully crafted, they are sure to entertain, provoke, and inspire.

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  • IndieVoices Podcast

    Where Science and Religion Can Meet

    Science and religion. There seems to be very little the two have in common, but it’s all in the way you perceive religion. And that is the theme of the latest episode of our IndieVoices podcast. We talk to authors who bridge this perception gap.

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  • How to Be Anything: Young Adult Edition

    The only thing these books have in common is the age group of their protagonists. Which is just how we like our young adult books. With any of these six books, reviewed in our July/August 2017 issue, explore what it means to be anything you want.

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  • The Alternative Truth is Out There

    'Truthers' Examines Roots of Conspiracy

    Conspiracy theories are perpetual motion machines. If you don't believe them, you are either part of the conspiracy or have been duped by it. All it takes is some random person to put a made-up fact out there, and the machine chugs along on its own fuel.

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  • No Shortage of Fuel for Love and Rockets

    An Interview With Indie Comic's Creators

    For over 30 years, Jaime and Gilbert Hernandez have been telling stories under the banner of Love and Rockets. From its modest beginning as among the first indie comics to gain significant attention, the title has become a repository for experimentation.

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  • Introducing a Love of Books

    For many of us, love of books began when we were young. It's wonderful to introduce children to a connection with books that could last a lifetime. So, for the love of books, and kids, here are sixteen books reviewed in our July/August 2017 issue.

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  • A Spotlight on Wayne State University Press

    75 Years as a Voice for Diverse Detroit

    Wayne State University Press keeps producing books of great quality. Its location in Michigan, with its diverse climate, landscape, and people, have made it an important voice for the history, culture, and environment of the Great Lakes State and beyond.

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