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Book of the Day Roundup October 14-18, 2019

by Barbara Hodge

And the Bride Closed the Door / Ronit MatalonJessica Cohen, translator / New Vessel Press / Softcover $15.95 (128pp) / 978-1-939931-75-7 / Buy: Local Bookstore (IndieBound), Amazon / A dark and comic family drama, Ronit Matalon’s... Read More

Book Review

Panthera Tigris

by Pallas Gates McCorquodale

Team up with a jungle-smart guide and a book-smart scholar as they search the forest for a certain striped carnivore, genus Panthera, species tigris. Leafy shades of detailed jungle greens and sketches worthy of a naturalist’s notebook... Read More

Book Review

Below the Moon

by Vivian Turnbull

Alexis Marie Chute’s fantasy novel "Below the Moon" is as fast and bizarre as its prequel, with enough new elements to keep the imagination soaring. Ella was supposed to be enjoying herself on a cruise before her inevitable death from... Read More

Book Review

The Creative Spark

by Peter Dabbene

Michael Shapiro interviewed thirty-two luminaries from the arts for "The Creative Spark". The book’s subjects include well-known and obscure personalities, with chefs, scientists, and musicians among them. Filmmaker Francis Ford... Read More

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