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  • Relationship Status: Faking Happiness

    An Interview with Donna Freitas

    Do social media connect us, or distort our perceptions of those we know? For her new book, Freitas talked to college students across the United States about the pressures attached to social media accounts---and appearing perfect on them.

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  • There's No Such Thing as a Girl Book

    I attended a panel at a library conference about persuading children to read. The speaker lost me when she presented her list of recommended titles—divided into a column for girls and one for boys. That is how you generate insecurities around reading.

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  • Here Come the Feminists

    An Interview with Kelly Jensen

    Think no good can come of a tweet? Think again! Kelly Jensen's wonderful new young adult collection of feminist essays began that way. We talked with Jensen about the collection, the Women's March, and more.

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  • Stan Lee Augments Reality; Picture Books May Never be the Same

    Augmented Reality might sound like the name of a new superhero Stan Lee just dreamed up—the pickings for original superhero names are pretty slim these days—but it’s actually a radically new, technologically enabled concept in telling stories.

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  • Libraries Can Fight 'Alternative Facts' While Welcoming All Viewpoints

    It is time for libraries to plan for what we will inevitably have to deal with professionally over the next four years: the concept of “alternative facts.”

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  • How to Rescue Real Science: Add Poetry

    With science under attack by the US government, and conservationists bravely speaking out about climate change despite attempts to silence them, now is also the time to capture the public’s imagination. That's where Hiraeth Press comes in.

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  • Fiction Audiobooks: Storytime for Adults

    Many of us remember being read to as children. That soothing tone, the perfected voices, the begging for just one more chapter. Below are ten audiobooks perfect for bringing back that childhood joy, reviewed in our Audiobooks 2017 special section.

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  • Audiobooks: An Old Tradition Made New

    The sharing of information is an old tradition. It kept our species alive. Today, information sharing still has its place, and these audiobooks share their knowledge and wisdom this new form, reviewed in our Audiobooks 2017 special section.

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  • Reading Globally

    An Interview with Megan McDowell

    Change is coming, but books will help to take us where we need to go. Works in translation, especially, will help us to peer over all manner of walls. Translators like Megan McDowell are the key to our access; we asked her about her translation work.

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