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  • Online Culture and the Origins of Intolerance

    First, they got their thrills insulting people on an online messaging board called 4chan. Later, some began calling themselves by the now-familiar term "alt-right." Author Angela Nagle chronicles the history of this movement.

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  • Book of the Day

    To Lay to Rest Our Ghosts

    What is remembered; what is missed; what will never be again—these are the things Caitlin Hamilton Summie holds in her deft hands, opening them to us and calling us to look, to taste, to feel.

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  • Climate Change: How to Help

    The climate is changing, but the ways we can help are growing. There are many paths to take; to find which one you should pursue, read one of these climate change books, reviewed in our July/August issue.

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  • Wings Press

    With 'Latin@ Rising' Release, San Antonio Publisher Continues to Soar

    An independent publisher with an appellation as uplifting as Wings Press just sings ascent. With the 2017 release of Latin@ Rising, Wings has published the first ever collection of Latino science fiction and fantasy.

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  • Focused, Skillful, Challenging

    The Essentials of Short Storytelling

    The collections featured here are culturally diverse and run the gamut of human emotion; beautifully crafted, they are sure to entertain, provoke, and inspire.

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Book Review

A River, One Woman Deep

by Kristine Morris

Linda Ty- Casper’s Filipina and Filipina-American protagonists find that their struggle to discover their personal identity is complicated by events or memories of events that happened in their homeland. Memory plays a vital role in... Read More

Book Review


by Kristine Morris

Strange things happen in the worlds created by Elizabeth Crane. An unusually tall woman is sleeping on the shelves in a grocery store; “star babies’ have taken over the whole United States, except for Puerto Rico; an exclusive group... Read More

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