Foreword Reviews

  • An Interview with Tayari Jones

    Author of An American Marriage

    Only the most star-crossed marriages face an explosive combination of heartbreak, trauma, sexual tension, racism, false accusations, and incarceration.

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  • Reviewer Rebecca Foster talks to Trina Moyles

    Author of Women Who Dig: Farming, Feminism and the Fight to Feed the World

    From domestic violence to drought, political marginalization to difficulty finding affordable land, women farmers face massive obstacles in the world’s most impoverished places, but still manage to feed millions using sustainable farming practices.

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  • Secret New Orleans

    Meet author Chris Champagne

    Chris guides us to dozens of hidden, quirky, uniquely New Orleans-esque haunts of that fascinating city.

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  • An Interview with Patricia Vigderman

    Author of The Real Life of the Parthenon

    Ancient lands and their artifacts live as much in our imagination as they do in marble and stone. Straddling centuries, they call to us with both questions and answers about history and our place in it.

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  • Sexual Violence Survivors Speak Out

    An Interview with Erin Mounton, Editor of Things We Haven't Said

    Perpetrators are losing jobs and reputations, and, in many cases, going to jail. It’s about time, dammit.

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Happy Valentine's Day!

by Hannah Hohman

Love is always in the air the moment the clock strikes midnight on Valentine’s Day. Decorations are found in every store, gestures are made in every couple, a cupid on practically every block. But it’s for a good reason—love is,... Read More


No More Romance on Valentine's Day

by Hannah Hohman

On Valentine’s Day love can feel like it’s…too much. It’s everywhere. If the presents in the stores look silly to you, the gushy looks make you gag, and the only thing you think Valentine’s Day is good for is the cheap candy... Read More

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