Foreword Reviews

  • All the Women in My Family Sing

    An Interview with Deborah Santana, Editor

    Meet Deborah Santana, coeditor and progenitor of All the Women in My Family Sing, a collection of essays from nearly seventy women of color.

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  • Andermatt County:

    Two Parables by Pam Jones

    Michelle Schingler reached out to Pam Jones for this Face Off interview—a high-minded literary conversation that reveals the wisdom and keen intelligence of a first-rate novelist.

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  • World's Greatest Beverage?

    It's Gotta Be Beer

    An Interview with Pete Brown, Author of Miracle Brew: Hops, Barley, Water, Yeast and the Nature of Beer.

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  • Meet Dr. Nasha Winters

    Coauthor of The Metabolic Approach to Cancer

    Dr. Winters talks about her innovative approaches to treating and preventing cancer. A throat cancer survivor, I give her book a great deal of credit for saving my life.

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Publisher's Note: Indie Books Matter

by Victoria Sutherland

Happy New Year! My holidays were spent catching up on a lot of reading. In our twenty-four hour, back and forth drive to Southwest Florida—to see both sides of our family—I got through a seven week pile of the The New Yorker, two... Read More

Book Review

Welcome to the Anthropocene

by Matt Sutherland

Because the universe is big and all but incomprehensible, the average Jills and Joes don’t dare ask too many existential questions. It is left to poets to face the truth in those places the rest of us fear to tread. The author of... Read More

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