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  • Never Mind the Pope; What Would St. Francis Do?

    Pope Francis is taking his marching orders from St. Francis of Assisi. So, how did a saint who lived a couple centuries before Europeans stumbled upon America become "St. Francis of America?" Author Patricia Appelbaum explains.

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  • Book of the Day

    Summer on the Cold War Planet

    The heady atmosphere of 1989 Berlin sets the stage for this thought-provoking journey into the heart and soul of a pregnant woman mourning the disappearance of her husband from Kurdish Iraq.

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  • Saying No to the Perfect Book

    I often tell publicists to let me know about their best low-profile books, and our readers tell us those reviews of obscure, important books are what they most value. In our minds, it’s no fun to write another review of just another mainstream book.

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  • Intoxicated

    In Love with Love and Loving It

    The perfect lover, in today’s popular romance, can be anyone from a zombie to an heiress. Creepy tales from the dark side and staid historical traditions propel the most turbulent of stories into a fictional realm far removed from a quaint hideaway.

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  • Embracing Wholeness

    Understanding Our Gifts For Healing Our Broken World

    These eight books on spirituality, featured in our Fall 2015 issue, each explore wholeness from a different perspective.

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  • How to (Maybe) Do a DIY Book Tour

    Here's What I Did Right and Wrong

    I spent months planning a DIY book tour that entailed driving up the West Coast and visiting all the major cities to present ten readings from my debut novella. Here are a few things I did right and a few things I might do differently next time.

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  • Minecraft Novelist Shapes Young Attention Spans

    Most parents want their children to read books that challenge them while teaching valuable lessons. That’s the goal of Danica Davidson, whose Minecraft books introduce important lessons involving family, bullying, and friendship.

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  • Enter to Win

    Following our mission to spread the word about great books from independent publishers and authors, we want to give you over 10 chances to enter and win stacks of indie books that stress diversity for your private library– a $500 value!

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  • No, E-Book Sales Have Not Slipped and the Publishing Industry Knows it

    The headlines blared the "news" that e-book sales are flat and sales of print books are back. Huzzahs resounded from those who have a stake in the five multinational corporations that call themselves the publishing industry. Except none of it is true.

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