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  • Book of the Day


    This refreshing young adult science fiction work is refreshing, featuring two protagonists who have nearly aged out of their given mission. Their uniqueness rises from their relationship in this relentless, action-filled work.

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  • Legion of Dune

    How Michigan Community Drew a Line in the Sand for Preservation

    When an energy company wanted to turn a beloved sand dune in Michigan into a golf course, citizens got together and saved Arcadia Dunes. Journalist and activist Heather Shumaker documented just how it all went down in her new book.

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  • Government Science/Truth Denial and the Whys & Hows of Moon Energy

    Could you explain the basic elements of the earth-moon-sun relationship? Most Americans don’t have a sense of the daily planetary events. But scientists do, despite truth deniers in government. This brings us to government ignorance of climate change.

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  • The (Unofficial) Hogwarts Haggadah

    An Interview with Rabbi Moshe Rosenberg

    What makes a great Haggadah unlike any other? For Rabbi Moshe Rosenberg, it’s the ability of the book to make connections between the world we know and that of the Exodus. Harry Potter seemed a perfect fit.

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  • Gift Books With Weight in Size and Subject

    There’s something comforting about the weight of a gift book. In the eight gift books reviewed in our March/April issue, the subject matter has some weight too.

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  • Here They Are: Our INDIES Finalists

    We spent the past few months examining thousands of books, and narrowing them down to the finalists in our INDIES Book of the Year Awards. Today, we announce the finalists whose books will be sent on to our expert judges.

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  • Large Lives, Larger Lessons

    Biographies from March/April 2017

    At heart, history is the story of individual lives. This collection of biographies bring new voices to life, probing the history of families, governments, social organizations, careers, and even individuals’ own bodies.

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  • Let Them Speak: Green Card Youth Voices

    When you picture an immigrant, what is in your mind? Do you see a wall being stacked brick by brick between you and another country? Do you see the Mayflower, sailing over to find religious refuge? Sometimes, immigrants are just high school teenagers.

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  • Truthfest: A Mattifesto from the Editor

    I’m fifty three. Scorpio. Weaned at six weeks. Have been married for twenty-three years. In our home, my wife does far more housework than I. This is my truth. If I described myself any differently, I’d be lying.

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