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  • How to (Maybe) Do a DIY Book Tour

    Here's What I Did Right and Wrong

    I spent months planning a DIY book tour that entailed driving up the West Coast and visiting all the major cities to present ten readings from my debut novella. Here are a few things I did right and a few things I might do differently next time.

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  • Book of the Day

    Edgar Allan Poe: The Ambiguity of Death

    The latest biographical novel by Italian author Giuseppe Cafiero is a linguistically intricate and intensely cerebral examination of the life and writings of one of America’s most innovative, exceptional, and enigmatic writers.

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  • Minecraft Novelist Shapes Young Attention Spans

    Most parents want their children to read books that challenge them while teaching valuable lessons. That’s the goal of Danica Davidson, whose Minecraft books introduce important lessons involving family, bullying, and friendship.

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  • Enter to Win

    Following our mission to spread the word about great books from independent publishers and authors, we want to give you over 10 chances to enter and win stacks of indie books that stress diversity for your private library– a $500 value!

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  • No, E-Book Sales Have Not Slipped and the Publishing Industry Knows it

    The headlines blared the "news" that e-book sales are flat and sales of print books are back. Huzzahs resounded from those who have a stake in the five multinational corporations that call themselves the publishing industry. Except none of it is true.

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  • Memoirs: Gift of Life Experience

    These eight distinct memoirs range from dialogue-heavy narratives to short-story formats, but each is a sincere gift of life experience and a tale worth telling.

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  • You Want to Ban a Book?

    Here's What Your Local Librarian Will Do

    We librarians all have patrons who want specific materials removed from the shelves. It’s difficult to predict which items will inflame sensibilities or which strike readers as incendiary. Knowing your community is part of the battle.

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  • Books of Beauty

    For artists, gardeners, nature lovers, and superheroes, here are books we recommend as gift ideas. They're not only informative, but are works of art in themselves.

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  • Soup for Syria

    Comfort Food for a Cause

    Soup for Syria, a photo book and aid project by indie Interlink Publishing, celebrates two things that bring hope: humanitarian aid … and soup. And not just any soup, but recipes from some of the world’s top chefs.

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