Foreword Reviews

  • The Sioux Chef Talks Native American Cooking

    Chef Eric Patterson talks to Chef Sean Sherman

    Let’s play a word association game. What’s the first thing you think of when you read: indigenous North American food and cooking?

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  • All the Women in My Family Sing

    An Interview with Deborah Santana, Editor

    Meet Deborah Santana, coeditor and progenitor of All the Women in My Family Sing, a collection of essays from nearly seventy women of color.

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  • Andermatt County:

    Two Parables by Pam Jones

    Michelle Schingler reached out to Pam Jones for this Face Off interview—a high-minded literary conversation that reveals the wisdom and keen intelligence of a first-rate novelist.

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  • World's Greatest Beverage?

    It's Gotta Be Beer

    An Interview with Pete Brown, Author of Miracle Brew: Hops, Barley, Water, Yeast and the Nature of Beer.

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  • Meet Dr. Nasha Winters

    Coauthor of The Metabolic Approach to Cancer

    Dr. Winters talks about her innovative approaches to treating and preventing cancer. A throat cancer survivor, I give her book a great deal of credit for saving my life.

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Book Review

The Journal

by Pallas Gates McCorquodale

Stevens’s novel is a mosaic of aphorisms and exotic sights and sounds. R. D. Stevens’s "The Journal" is a philosophical mystery that exposes life’s hidden beauties and corruption and that ultimately forces its lead to reconfigure... Read More


Publisher's Note: Indie Books Matter

by Victoria Sutherland

Happy New Year! My holidays were spent catching up on a lot of reading. In our twenty-four hour, back and forth drive to Southwest Florida—to see both sides of our family—I got through a seven week pile of the The New Yorker, two... Read More

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