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  • Read the Whole Rainbow

    To create change through books takes more than representing diversity; it takes celebrating peoples’ differences without acknowledging them outright. This might seem counterintuitive, but it’s not.

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  • Saving Science

    Books Based on Crowdfunded Discoveries? I'd Read That

    People love to cite Fifty Shades of Grey as a self-published work breaking into the mainstream, but that’s a poor representation of our true potential. What about the next great discovery made in a DIY lab and published so that everyone can read it?

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  • Indie Kids' Books Bring Home the World

    From China to Zimbabwe, from Lebanon to Japan, from Istanbul to Greece, these sixteen children’s books stretch across the globe to expand a child’s imagination. They’ll open young minds up to the diverse possibilities their world has to offer.

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  • New Soil for American Jewish Fiction

    Fig Tree Books launched this year, but it can trace its roots back to George Washington, who prepared the ground from the beginning for a rich Jewish culture to spring from American soil. That literary culture is finding continuity in Alan Cheuse.

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  • On Reader Reviews

    The Fault is in Their Stars, Not Yours

    The relationship between the length of your career as a writer is inversely proportional to the extent a negative review will upset you. Here are some tips on how to handle the one-star reviews.

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  • And the Crowd Goes Ingalls Wilder

    One day you're a tiny historical society press in a flyover state, and the next the world is banging at your door, asking for your thoughts on one of the giants of children's literature. This happened to the South Dakota State Historical Society Press.

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