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  • Literature's New Evangelists

    Ave Maria Press

    Everyone's talking about the radical new papacy--but what does that mean if you're a Catholic press? For Ave Maria, it means continuing a mission both educational and ministerial, and highlighting fresh "new evangelical" notions along the way.

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  • 5 Tales of Immigrants from Summer 2016

    The immigrant’s story is often one of hardship and struggle. New customs and new expectations make their new life difficult, but the promise of a better life is the ultimate reward. Travel from one country to the next with these people.

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  • Imparting Wisdom

    For the Little Kid in All of Us

    Children are never too young to benefit from the wisdom of others, and the rest of us are never too old to learn something new. Enjoy the insights into childhood, education, and parenthood found in our Family & Relationships reviews from Summer 2016.

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  • 4 Great Indie Sci-Fi Titles for Summer

    This collection of science fiction, all from our Summer 2016 Issue, all take place in a setting very much like ours, with a twist. Whether you find these books bizarre or believable, they’re each an adventure.

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  • Discovering New Voices

    New Algonquin Books Editor Brings Storytelling from People magazine

    Algonquin Books was founded in 1983 in part to publish work by undiscovered young writers, and the company’s new editorial director, Betsy Gleick, is committed to redoubling the company’s pursuit of talented new voices.

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  • 5 Lives Worth Reliving From Summer 2016

    Other people’s lives can be fascinating. We can learn from their hard-earned wisdom, marvel at their achievements. These five lives, featured in our Summer 2016 edition, are worth reliving.

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  • 6 Best YA Books of Summer 2016

    It’s old news by now that readers of all ages are unabashedly enjoying books aimed at young adults. However you interpret the trend, the one thing that can be agreed upon is that the popularity of YA is good for libraries. They fly off the shelves.

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  • Science Under Attack from Left and Right

    Author Says Time to Lift the Fog of War

    Science is threatened in the United States, says Shawn L. Otto in "The War On Science: Who’s Waging It, Why It Matters, and What We Can Do About It." Otto’s book invites readers to be active and critical consumers of information.

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