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  • 25 Years After Americans with Disability Act

    Author Reflects on How Disabled Won Their Rights

    From Selma, Alabama, to the Stonewall Inn, there have been many civil rights anniversaries marked this year. But perhaps the biggest one—the one that had an impact on the largest US minority—celebrated a more-low-key anniversary last week.

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  • The Total Package

    Rizzoli's Italian blood ensures passion, precision, and beauty

    Book lovers know that reading can be a full sensory experience. It’s why electronic devices will never completely take over the literary world unless they engineer a way to reproduce the feel, the scent, the pure heft of a book like those by Rizzoli.

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  • Romantic Suspense: Murder Meets Mayhem

    Like James Bond, an undercover agent always gets the girl. The exploits of daring souls in these releases for 2015 feature arrogant rogues and crusty ruffians in scenarios that will make the average existence seem mundane.

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  • Enter for a Chance to Win!

    Following our mission to spread the word about great books from independent publishers and authors, we want to give you over 10 chances to enter and win stacks of indie fiction books for your private library–a $500 value!


  • Fantasy, Western, Romance, YA—And It's All LGBTQ

    It seems, quite often, that LGBTQ books are solely focused on the characters’ sexuality. Luckily there's Interlude Press, whose mission is to publish quality LGBTQ novels, where being gay isn’t necessarily the main source of conflict.

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  • INDIEFAB Early Bird

    Register Now for Book of the Year Award

    You have a great book, you're looking for some recognition, and you want a wider audience to fall in love with it. That's where Foreword's annual book awards program comes in. Enter now for a discount.

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  • How to (Maybe) Do a DIY Book Tour

    As the clock ticked toward the designated presentation time and continued to tick past it, the folding chairs set up in front of my podium remained empty. Ten minutes later, I experienced a quandary. Do I read to no one and hope stragglers appear?

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  • Imagination and the Age of Reason

    Magic is a Metaphor for the Power of the Mind

    Man's greatest achievements have come from that half of the brain that looks at things previously deemed impossible---electricity, space flight, social equality---and brings them, kicking and screaming, into the world of here and now.

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  • Summer 2015 is Here!

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