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  • Deep Beach Thoughts

    Evolution to Dyslexia to Beethoven: Heady Summer Reading

    When the summer wind comes blowin’ in, try your best NOT to let life go on as normal. We take a playful look at five compelling books that offer fascinating, big thinking reading for hammocks and beach towels.

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  • Book of the Day


    Atmospheric and haunting, this novel about is impossible to turn away from. Lurid crimes inspire a panoramic exploration of a lakeside retreat and its residents. An unsparing look at retribution troubles the lines between loyalty, memory, and obsession.

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  • A Children’s Book for Every Size Dream

    Children are big dreamers; with just imagination they can go to space or rule massive kingdoms. But sometimes, the wishes of children are on a smaller scale. These books, reviewed in our May/June 2017 issue, address those desires.

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  • Ethnic, Authentic, and Exhilarating

    A platter of new cookbooks and food writing from indie publishers covers many ethnic traditions and diets, but all the books have a common theme of getting back to healthy, traditional ingredients and techniques.

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  • Not Your Average Teenage Experience

    Just before you hit adulthood, you have to go through one huge task; survive in the apocalypse, fight paranormal creatures, or deal with high school mean girls. It just depends on your genre. Wait, not everyone goes through that? Well, these teens do.

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  • Our Pilot Podcast

    Marginalized Voices are Demanding to be Heard

    We're happy to present our pilot IndieVoices podcast, hosted by Executive Editor Howard Lovy, featuring interviews with librarians, indie publishers and authors, book reviews, and author readings.

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  • A Passionate Poetic Affair

    An Interview with Sandra Hochman

    Poet Sandra Hochman fell into adoration of Robert Lowell's work as a young writer, and after an arranged interview, she began a passionate affair with Lowell himself. We talked to her about her memoir, based on that relationship, in our interview.

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  • MoonDance Dishes Up Poetry Treats to Kids

    It’s National Poetry Month, and we here at Foreword Reviews are asking the age-old question: "What about the children?" Indie publisher Moondance Press is doing its part to make poetry a treat for youngsters with its Poetry for Kids series.

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  • Here They Are: Our INDIES Finalists

    We spent the past few months examining thousands of books, and narrowing them down to the finalists in our INDIES Book of the Year Awards. Today, we announce the finalists whose books will be sent on to our expert judges.

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