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  • Book of the Day

    Cutting Back

    When Leslie Buck turned thirty-five, she followed a curious urge to become an apprentice at Uetoh Zoen, one of Japan’s most revered landscaping companies. Her memoir of this sojourn is told with beautiful, carefully crafted language.

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  • MoonDance Dishes Up Poetry Treats to Kids

    It’s National Poetry Month, and we here at Foreword Reviews are asking the age-old question: "What about the children?" Indie publisher Moondance Press is doing its part to make poetry a treat for youngsters with its Poetry for Kids series.

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  • The Gender-Genre Divide

    New LGBTQ Fiction and Nonfiction

    Are these reviews for LGBTQ folks who want to read about people who think like them and face issues similar to their own? Is it for straight people who want to read great stories about people struggling with life and love? The answer is Yes. And yes.

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  • Race and Identity

    Rachel Doležal, Ridiculed for 'Passing' as Black, Tells her Story

    To truly understand what it’s like to be black in America, you have to be black in America. And that’s why many people are quite angry at Rachel Doležal. The white civil rights activist has been 'passing' as black. Now, she tells her story.

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  • A Southern Warrior

    An Interview with Paula Martinac

    Against the turn toward "alternative truths" stand fighters. The heroine of Paula Martinac’s novel is one such warrior: a ferocious Southern woman who battles homophobia, racism, and ignorance, all from her place behind the library desk.

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  • Power in Simplicity: Poetry Reviewed in March/April

    Sometimes poetry has a quiet beauty. Simple words tell a story and layer their meaning carefully, veiling it. Reviewed in our March/April issue, this soft poetry is strong, but in whispers.

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  • Give Me Shape-Shifting, Mind-Warping, Bone-Rattling, Blood-Letting

    Spring 2017 brings many tempting fantasy escapes for readers, from dragons and mythical beasts to psychedelic adventures in parallel universes.

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  • Watching Porn

    with Lynsey G.

    It’s one of the paradoxes of contemporary American sexuality: nobody seems to want to talk about porn; everybody seems to be watching it. Sharp and hilarious feminist writer Lynsey G.'s memoir unpacks this and other conundrums.

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  • Here They Are: Our INDIES Finalists

    We spent the past few months examining thousands of books, and narrowing them down to the finalists in our INDIES Book of the Year Awards. Today, we announce the finalists whose books will be sent on to our expert judges.

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