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  • Writing out of Turn

    Pioneering Female Rock Critic Tells Experts Where to Put Their Advice

    No one cares about a book from a rock critic who is still alive—at least that’s what Jessica Hopper was told when she started researching what it would take to publish a compilation of her own essays. Fortunately for us, Hopper ignored naysayers.

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  • When Books Love Readers

    March is National Reading Month. Who doesn’t want to spend a whole month celebrating it? We thought we’d flip the tables this year; following is a list of books that love readers.

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  • Memoir to Movie

    Indie Author Survives Everest ... and Hollywood

    Attention, thriller writers. Want to know what it feels like to bravely face death? Want to know the thoughts that go through a man's head as he contemplates whether to move forward and die or turn around and live another day? Talk to Lou Kasischke.

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  • Foreword Reviews Names INDIEFAB Finalists

    Here are the finalists for our 2014 INDIEFAB Book of the Year Awards, proving that quality does not need to come from giant publishing conglomerates. Take a look at these books and then dare tell us that the indie publishing revolution has not arrived.

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  • YA Dystopian Fiction

    Smells Like Revolutionary Teen Spirit

    Teenagers seem to be the ones doing the world-saving in science fiction these days. Even if the ten-year insurgency of dystopian YA is over, the popularity of these books means kids are more inspired than ever to change the world for the better.

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  • INDIEFAB Early Bird

    Register Now for Book of the Year Award

    You have a great book, you're looking for some recognition, and you want a wider audience to fall in love with it. That's where Foreword's annual book awards program comes in. Enter now for a discount.

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