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Book Review

Flight Feathers

by Jeana Jorgensen

Paying keen attention to plant and animal life, the poems collected in "Flight Feathers" reveal shared ecosystems, reveling in the interconnectedness of humanity and nature. Gwendolyn Morgan’s poetry collection "Flight Feathers" weaves... Read More

Book Review

Reflections on Mountaineering

by Michele Sharpe

The musing poems in "Reflections on Mountaineering" chart a course through a personal, enigmatic relationship with mountain landscapes. Alan V. Goldman’s poetry collection "Reflections on Mountaineering" explores the challenge and... Read More

Book Review

A Piece of Me

by Mari Carlson

The varied essays and poems of the autobiographical collection "A Piece of Me" are shared to inspire the community involvement that they model. The autobiographical essays and poems of physician Arif Ahmad’s collection "A Piece of Me"... Read More

Book Review

The Rainstorm

by Michele Sharpe

The mysterious free verses collected in "The Rainstorm" explore the power of language and the paradoxes of the self. Rachel Downing’s poetry collection "The Rainstorm" delves into a world of opposing forces centered in the self. The... Read More

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