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Book Review

Seeing with the Heart

by Matt Benzing

"Seeing with the Heart" is a persuasive spiritual guide that suggests incorporating centuries-old practices of contemplation into one’s modern life. Jesuit priest Kevin O’Brien’s spiritual handbook "Seeing with the Heart" is an... Read More

Book Review

Praying through Pain

by Kristine Morris

"Praying through Pain" is a religious self-help text that draws on narratives, biblical passages, and Ignatian spirituality to comfort suffering people with the promise of God’s love. Drawing on Ignatian spirituality, Barbara Lee’s... Read More

Book Review

Catholics Read the Scriptures

by Matt Benzing

"Catholics Read the Scriptures" is a thorough theological reference text designed to aid in the lay study of Pope Benedict XVI’s Verbum Domini. Priest Bevil Bramwell’s insightful religious book "Catholics Read the Scriptures"... Read More

Book Review


by Rebecca Foster

One in four Americans belongs to no religion, the majority of those having been raised in, and having left, Christianity. In his engaging book "Nonverts", Stephen Bullivant unearths the stories behind these statistics and presents cogent... Read More

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