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Book Review

Dragonflies at Night

by Delia Stanley

"Dragonflies at Night" is a novel about love so strong that it lasts, even after death. In Anne Marie Bennett’s romance novel "Dragonflies at Night", a lovestruck couple works through their emotional blocks and career challenges to... Read More

Book Review

Finding Hemingway

by John M. Murray

"Finding Hemingway" is a romantic travel adventure with a magical realism twist. In Ken Dortzbach’s heartwarming novel "Finding Hemingway", an overworked lawyer rushes to self-improvement while chasing a literary ghost. Callie McGraw... Read More

Book Review

Time Worketh Patience

by John M. Murray

"Time Worketh Patience" is a faith-based romance in which an early crush reignites. In Melody Kay Heart’s novel "Time Worketh Patience", a young woman struggles with faith and unrequited, troublesome love. Michelle fell hard for her... Read More

Book Review

A Mosaic of Wings

by Karen Rigby

A nineteenth-century entomologist is caught between social expectations and desire in Kimberly Duffy’s "A Mosaic of Wings", a novel about wanderlust and women’s empowerment. In Ithaca, Nora is her class’s valedictorian. She longs... Read More

Book Review

The Feasting Virgin

by Claire Foster

Two women are drawn together through shared, sensuous experiences of Greek food and motherhood in Georgia Kolias’s "The Feasting Virgin", a sexy novel that evokes the turmoil and pleasure of domestic life. Xeni is thirty-eight, a... Read More

Book Review

Short Stuff

by Tanisha Rule

Lighthearted romances kick off in "Short Stuff", a young adult LGBTQ+ anthology that raises the stakes with each story. In one entry, a girl comes out, but reels from her mother’s rejection of her; elsewhere, a character finds romance... Read More

Book Review

The Last Place You Look

by Eileen Gonzalez

Two small-town lesbians embark on an old-fashioned courtship in Aurora Rey’s heartwarming romance, "The Last Place You Look". After her marriage implodes, Julia moves back to her hometown and goes to work in her parents’ winery,... Read More

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