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Book Review

The Silence of Motherhood

by Katerie Prior

"The Silence of Motherhood" is a capable portrait of motherhood in the twenty-first century. In "The Silence of Motherhood", Victoria Jones novelizes her experiences to explore the importance of silence in her adult life. Victoria Jones... Read More

Book Review

Survive Shift Work

by Melissa Wuske

"Survive Shift Work" shines a much-needed light on the pitfalls of graveyard shift jobs. Stephen Wilmot’s "Survive Shift Work" proposes a compelling, easy-to-follow, and powerful means of handling the strain of nonstandard working... Read More

Book Review


by Charlene Oldham

"FUEL" charts one entrepreneur’s successes while offering practical guidance for others with similar drive and determination. In FUEL: What It Takes to Survive as an Entrepreneur, GYMGUYZ founder Josh York shares the twists, turns, and... Read More

Book Review

Georgette, Where Are You?

by Jeremiah Rood

Reflecting a range of subjects and styles, "Georgette, Where Are You?" offers insights into faith and love. Charlotte Poteet’s "Georgette, Where Are You?" collects fresh, inspirational stories that are crafted from a mixture of... Read More

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