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Book Review

Black and Blue in Harlem

by Eileen Gonzalez

"Black and Blue in Harlem" is a character-driven mystery about a mistake that costs two people their lives and the detective determined to find out the truth. A boozy private eye looks into the death of a child services worker while... Read More

Book Review

Market Forces

by Laura Leavitt

"Market Forces" is a thoughtful analytical work for those who make decisions about the long-term strategies of their residential senior communities. According to Jill J. Johnson’s informative trend analysis text "Market Forces", the... Read More

Book Review

Modern Ascension

by Kristine Morris

"Modern Ascension" is an encouraging text that suggests a new paradigm for addressing karmic debt. Carol Anne Halstead’s "Modern Ascension" collects the personal stories of thirteen initiates on a quest for higher consciousness.... Read More

Book Review

This Day Is Ours

by Claire Foster

Enriched by historical details and high-stakes adventures, "This Day Is Ours" is a masterful romance set in America’s early days. Fast-paced and lively as an unbroken filly, Gretchen Jeannette’s "This Day Is Ours" is a Robin... Read More

Book Review

Eye of Zeus

by Laura Leavitt

With twists, loyalty between friends, and its cast’s cleverness, the middle grade fantasy The Eye of Zeus hits all the right notes. Action-packed and empowering, Alane Adams’s The Eye of Zeus combines plucky modern characters with a... Read More

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