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Book Review

The Thresher Ghost

by Delia Stanley

In the intriguing historical thriller "The Thresher Ghost", a disgraced doctor enters a feverish, experimental world that sends his moral compass spinning. In Spencer Compton’s fantastical historical novel "The Thresher Ghost", a... Read More

Book Review

The Golden Handcuffs

by John M. Murray

"The Golden Handcuffs" is a slow-burning thriller in which a lone operative works to keep power in the hands of his superiors. In A. Jay Collins’s international thriller "The Golden Handcuffs", an operative for a secretive group takes... Read More

Book Review


by Jeremiah Rood

"Lift" is an optimistic work that encourages leaders to depend on their personal resilience and social awareness when it comes to charting their organizations’ next steps. Faisal Hoque’s encouraging leadership book "Lift" looks for... Read More

Book Review

A Life Cycle

by Carolina Ciucci

Filled with quiet reflections, "A Life Cycle" is a lovely poetry collection that explores the depths of grief and the struggle of healing. Nicole Asherah’s "A Life Cycle" is a stirring poetry collection about grief and healing. The... Read More

Book Review

Retaliation of the Cursed

by Matt Benzing

"Retaliation of the Cursed" is an engrossing comparative analysis of the histories of world religions. Stephen Arthur Martin Jr.’s religious history text "Retaliation of the Cursed" is an exhaustive exploration of world religions. The... Read More

Book Review

Searching For Clarity

by Michele Sharpe

The emotions and experiences of a bereaved spouse are at the center of the concise, elegant poetry collection Searching for Clarity. Gene Zimmerman’s poetry collection Searching for Clarity explores the nuances of grief in spare,... Read More

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