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Book Review

Hunting Trophy

by Delia Stanley

In the international mystery "Hunting Trophy", murder, magic, and mayhem visit the tense and tangled African diamond trade. In Bob Gibson’s mystery novel "Hunting Trophy", powerful men control Zimbabwe’s diamond export business;... Read More

Book Review

American Dreaming

by Aimee Jodoin

Skewering capitalism ably, "American Dreaming" is a political satire that’s defined by euphemistic humor and a stream-of-consciousness style. In William Wall’s cerebral satirical novel "American Dreaming", a working-class hero is... Read More

Book Review

Six Feet Apart

by Claire Foster

"Six Feet Apart" is a charming, COVID-inflected romance about love during an unending lockdown. In Elena Greyrock’s timely and quirky romance novel, "Six Feet Apart", people have acclimated to rolling flu seasons, but—socially... Read More

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