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Book Review

To See God

by Matt Benzing

"To See God" is a moving spiritual novel in which a nun navigates the complications of a possible divine mystery. Through the story of a nun on a mission, Bruce J. Berger’s novel "To See God" explores the mystery and interconnectedness... Read More

Book Review

The Indian Defense

by John M. Murray

Three globally influential families fight for control in the political thriller "The Indian Defense", a tantalizing chapter in a continuing saga. In Jay Perin’s political thriller "The Indian Defense", three influential families... Read More

Book Review

Stress Wisely

by Jeremiah Rood

"Stress Wisely" is a thoughtful self-help book that calls self-examination critical to conquering stress. Robyne Hanley-Dafoe’s self-help book "Stress Wisely" suggests taking a holistic approach to one’s daily challenges. The book... Read More

Book Review

On Lonesome Roads

by John M. Murray

"On Lonesome Roads" is an explosive thriller in which a haunted investigator risks his life to find an assassin. In Dan Flanigan’s thriller "On Lonesome Roads", a private investigator evades an assassination attempt—and then works to... Read More

Book Review

Every Other Weekend

by Karen Rigby

A neighborhood’s golden couple divorces in "Every Other Weekend", a novel with keen insights into community relationships. In Margaret Klaw’s novel "Every Other Weekend", a Philadelphia couple’s divorce has rippling consequences in... Read More

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