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Book Review

The Perfect Tenant

by Emily Kubal

Elegant imagery and characterization bring the story to life, with the streets of San Francisco carefully described. Rosanna Brand’s "The Perfect Tenant" is an epic, multifaceted thriller that explores the mind of a serial killer, and... Read More

Book Review

Finding Sylvia

by Katerie Prior

"Finding Sylvia" is a thoroughly modern romance, both deep and complex. Alan Shayne’s "Finding Sylvia" is an unexpected romance, both a universal reflection of searching for love and a portrait of a man enraptured by an enigmatic... Read More

Book Review

Gaslight Lawyers

by Lillian Brown

The true allure of the book is in its artfully chosen details, taken from sources ranging from court transcripts to personal memoirs. Richard H. Underwood’s "Gaslight Lawyers" is an intriguing collection of stories profiling some of... Read More

Book Review


by Stephen Siciliano

Lipse’s project is a labor of love written for advocates of individual rights. Mark Lipse’s "Misgovernment" is an in-depth treatise on present day political economies and the barriers that those in power erect to life, liberty, and... Read More

Book Review

Wild World

by Amanda Adams

"Wild World" is an able portrait of a divisive era, one in which characters sympathetically work to find meaning through chaos and to effect positive change. "Wild World" by Peter S. Rush is a riveting exploration of one man trying to... Read More

Book Review

The Color of My Coffee

by Amanda Adams

"The Color of My Coffee" is a thought-provoking exploration of community and cultural shifts in the late 1960s. The Color of My Coffee: The Story of a White Boy and a Black Man by R. P. Heinz is a compelling snapshot of life in... Read More

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