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Book Review

Topping Out

by Susan Waggoner

Without sugarcoating the harshness of ranchers’ lives, "Topping Out" is a broad-canvas memoir about a way of life valued for the freedom, beauty, and independence it provided. Katherine Wonn Harris’s winning memoir, "Topping Out",... Read More

Book Review

Operation Selector

by Mari Carlson

With a complex lead character who is intriguing from the get-go, this science fiction thriller excels at action scenes. Hulta Gertrude’s thick, multilayered science fiction novel, "Operation Selector", imagines a future where the... Read More

Book Review

Dead Serious and Lighthearted

by Aimee Jodoin

Moving through the civil rights movement, the shock waves of JFK’s assassination, and the drama of Watergate, these “memorable words” hold incredible significance. From Eisenhower’s “Peace may be the only climate possible for... Read More

Book Review

It's a Question of Space

by Jeff Fleischer

A thirty-year NASA veteran, Clayton Anderson can list myriad impressive accomplishments: two missions to the International Space Station, six space walks, and the underdog story of becoming an astronaut after being rejected fifteen... Read More

Book Review

Hummingbirds between the Pages

by Karen Rigby

In Chris Arthur’s masterful, elegant essay collection "Hummingbirds between the Pages", expansive and granular meditations on time, language, nature, mortality, and Northern Ireland capture wonder in the everyday. Taking its title from... Read More

Book Review

John Okada

by Jeff Fleischer

John Okada’s 1957 novel No-No Boy, his only full-length work, was the first novel by a Japanese American to grapple with the aftermath of internment during World War II. Edited by Frank Abe, Greg Robinson, and Floyd Cheung, "John... Read More

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