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Book Review

Salmon River Kid

by Kristine Morris

The Idaho backcountry becomes another rich character in this tale developed with knowledge and skill. "Salmon River Kid" is Joseph Dorris’s historical novel of a boy’s growth into manhood as he mines for gold amid the dangers and the... Read More

Book Review

Blowback '63

by Letitia Montgomery-Rodgers

Blowback ’63 is a unique blend of historical fiction, romance, and time travel filled with convincing conflict and compelling young adult characters. Brian Meehl’s Blowback ’63 continues the adventures of fraternal twins Arky and... Read More

Book Review

Choosing a Master

by John M. Murray

"Choosing a Master" is fun vampire fare, with surprisingly deep relationships and a uniquely twisted mythology. A human with a unique gift threatens the status quo in the straightforward, engaging urban fantasy "Choosing a Master" by S.... Read More

Book Review

Traveling Through

by Margaret Fedder

Straightforward, descriptive poems evocatively search for meaning. William Yager’s poetry collection "Traveling Through" combines ruminations on life in the modern age with odes to God and the natural world. Yager contextualizes the... Read More

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