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Book Review

Mosaic Heart

by Kristine Morris

Conveying hope, the memoir "Mosaic Heart" is about facing fear and discovering one’s true self. Donna Mazzitelli’s memoir "Mosaic Heart" is about how facing cancer transformed her life. Mazzitelli was encouraged to undertake an art... Read More

Book Review

Hula Girls

by Karen Rigby

"Hula Girls" is a gritty historical novel in which a woman becomes a widow and experiences gradual flourishing. In Eric B. Miller’s historical novel "Hula Girls", a guileless navy officer’s wife matures. Living in Hawaii from just... Read More

Book Review

Space Story

by Randi Hacker

"Space Story" is a witty science fiction novel in which teenagers go up against an army of mutant robots who wish to obliterate humanity. Earth is destroyed in W. W. Marplot’s sprawling science fiction novel "Space Story", and two... Read More

Book Review

White Lies Matter

by Delia Stanley

"White Lies Matter" is a unique artistic investigation into often-repeated lies about American history. In concert with digital art, the short essays of John A. O’Connor’s "White Lies Matter" convey histories of inequality and... Read More

Book Review

First Patients

by Carolina Ciucci

"First Patients" is a captivating medical history that centers the patients whose bravery made today’s scientific advancements possible. Rod Tanchanco’s "First Patients" is an engaging history of medicine that delves into the human... Read More

Book Review

I Killed Sam

by Jeremiah Rood

"I Killed Sam" is an engrossing legal thriller in which a battered woman who was pushed too far seeks some form of justice. Based in truth, Robert Steadman’s gripping thriller "I Killed Sam" is about a murder trial that rocked a small... Read More

Book Review

The Girl Who Grew Up Saving Animals

by Kristine Morris

In this book about animal rescues, basic guidelines for acquiring puppies or adult dogs come alongside accounts of the joys of giving rescued animals a second chance. "The Girl Who Grew Up Saving Animals" is Karen Burnett’s heartfelt... Read More

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