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Book Review

The Hunt for the Peggy C

by Karen Rigby

Amid tragic losses and uncertainty, a honorable steamer captain and his crew prevail through wartime challenges in the historical thriller "The Hunt for the Peggy C". In John Winn Miller’s historical thriller "The Hunt for the Peggy... Read More

Book Review

The Persian Glories

by Carolina Ciucci

"The Persian Glories" is an action-packed historical novel in which a woman unleashes chaos during her pursuit of extraordinary jewels. In Susan Wakeford Angard’s thrilling historical novel "The Persian Glories", a woman goes to great... Read More

Book Review

Seeing with the Heart

by Matt Benzing

"Seeing with the Heart" is a persuasive spiritual guide that suggests incorporating centuries-old practices of contemplation into one’s modern life. Jesuit priest Kevin O’Brien’s spiritual handbook "Seeing with the Heart" is an... Read More

Book Review

My Auto-Biography by Joe Biden

by John M. Murray

"My Auto-Biography by Joe Biden" is a satirical novel that chronicles the unconventional life of an American president. In J. Galt’s satirical novel "My Auto-Biography by Joe Biden", a stenographer recounts the life and times of Joe... Read More

Book Review

One Giant Leap

by Gail Hoffer-Loibl

A boy is launched into space in "One Giant Leap", an exciting novel for young readers. Ben Gartner captures the wonder and fear of space travel in his thrilling novel "One Giant Leap". Twelve-year-old Fin receives a package in the mail... Read More

Book Review

Creating Superfans

by John M. Murray

Reintroducing empathy and personal connections to the modern business landscape, "Creating Superfans" is an invaluable guide. Entrepreneur Brittany Hodak’s business book "Creating Superfans" introduces a proprietary five-step system... Read More

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