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Book Review

Blessed Hands

by Jaime Herndon

"Blessed Hands" is an engaging short story collection that’s filled with glimpses into the lives of those whose voices are not often heard. Translated from Yiddish, Frume Halpern’s short story collection "Blessed Hands" captures... Read More

Book Review

Cigar Box Lithographs

by Meg Nola

Cigar Box Lithographs: Volume V extols the unique, functional beauty of antique cigar labels and their boxes. Charles J. Humber’s Cigar Box Lithographs: Volume V continues a series featuring the colorful and varied inner labels affixed... Read More

Book Review

Faster than Light

by Joseph S. Pete

The thought-provoking science book "Faster than Light" unpacks the conceptual riddles surrounding the speed of light with winsome humor. Robert J. Nemiroff’s enlightening popular science book "Faster than Light" probes the mind-bending... Read More

Book Review

Naked Came the Detective

by Joseph S. Pete

A winking, self-aware mystery text headed by an engaging heroine, "Naked Came the Detective" lifts the veil on high-class sex work. Glendall C. Jackson III’s risque detective novella "Naked Came the Detective" sets a murder mystery in... Read More

Book Review

Pandora's Box

by Carolina Ciucci

Pandora’s Box is a thought-provoking science book with recommendations for avoiding future pandemics. Geoffrey Newton’s Pandora’s Box is an intriguing scientific exploration of how viruses work and what the world can do to prevent... Read More

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