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Book Review

Blissful Blues

by Katerie Prior

"Blissful Blues" is a youthful, playful collection that works through a failed romance toward self-discovery. In her heartfelt collection "Blissful Blues", poet Rhea Madan explores youthful love, longing, and loss. The opening poem... Read More

Book Review

The Templar Legacy

by Robin Farrell Edmunds

"The Templar Legacy" is a smart, riveting historical adventure that piques interest in the time following the Crusades. In Peter Tallon’s riveting historical adventure "The Templar Legacy", two Englishmen accompany the last remaining... Read More

Book Review

Deep Zero

by Gary Henry

"Deep Zero" distinguishes itself thanks to a powerful blend of vivid writing and legal insight. Facing situations from cyberbullying to murder, District Attorney Dana Hargrove has her work cut out for her in V. S. Kemanis’s compelling... Read More

Book Review

Serving Others

by Jeremiah Rood

Careful and theological, "Serving Others" is full of fresh insights into the Catholic Church’s role in combating poverty in Africa. John E. Koenig and Father John F. Kamwendo’s theological inquiry "Serving Others" is erudite and well... Read More

Book Review


by John M. Murray

"Voidstalker" is an engaging science-fiction adventure that marks the beginning of a fascinating new series. John Graham’s "Voidstalker" is an explosively fun science-fiction adventure in which a team directed to protect alien... Read More

Book Review

Corky Tails

by Karen Rigby

Encouraging stewardship as well as kindness, this picture book includes a worthy, timeless call to remember that nature and humanity are inextricably bound. Sagebrush and the Smoke Jumper is a lively account of a forest fire caused by... Read More

Book Review

Power of Kids

by Delia Stanley

The book’s portrayal of children as strong, dedicated leaders who are willing to risk everything for freedom is compelling. Thierry Kouam’s empowering juvenile fantasy "Power of Kids" features strong-willed children, a malevolent... Read More

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