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Book Review

Cuts That Don't Bleed

by Joe Taylor

An outwardly strong but still vulnerable woman struggles to survive her brutal past in Cuts That Don’t Bleed, a thriller about love and justice. A survivor of rape and childhood sexual abuse strives to avenge her past in Michelle L.... Read More

Book Review

A Drowned Kingdom

by John M. Murray

"A Drowned Kingdom" is a faith-based fantasy novel in which a prince from a lost kingdom fights for dominance in a new land. In P. L. Stuart’s contemplative fantasy novel "A Drowned Kingdom", a fallen kingdom gives rise to a legend.... Read More

Book Review

The Loathing

by Eileen Gonzalez

In the thriller "The Loathing", trauma, vengeance, and the brutality of war are the focus. A man is set on a dangerous, irreversible path in Wilder Nash’s thriller, "The Loathing". Afghanistan, 1999: Hunter, a security contractor, has... Read More

Book Review

Rich Pickings

by Charlene Oldham

"Rich Pickings" is a novel that evokes recent financial history well, showing how easy it is to be defined by what you do for money. In Axel van Reenen’s novel "Rich Pickings", a naïve New Zealander breaks into the high-stakes arena... Read More

Book Review

Immortal Blood

by John M. Murray

Set in a rich realm between the magical and the mundane, the fantasy novel "Immortal Blood" finds a young man facing a supernatural assault on his lineage. In Shawna Bennett’s swift fantasy novel "Immortal Blood", a family prepares to... Read More

Book Review

American Dreamer

by Benjamin Welton

"American Dreamer" is a must-read memoir and a quintessentially American immigrant’s story. Tim Tran’s memoir "American Dreamer" is a testament to the power of positive feeling and goodwill, even in the face of incredible odds. Tran... Read More

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