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Book Review

A Wicked Wind

by John M. Murray

"A Wicked Wind" is a taut high fantasy novel in which the fate of a realm rests on the deep love between two men. In Nicholas McIntire’s fantasy novel "A Wicked Wind", a prince’s soul is imperiled, and magic threatens to consume the... Read More

Book Review

Dare to Do Nothing

by Kristine Morris

This tongue-in-cheek self-help text takes nonattachment to new heights. Humorous and edgy, Amy Minty’s self-help book "Dare to Do Nothing" is a call to toss out work, stress, and obligations of all types and begin to enjoy a life that... Read More

Book Review

Urban Disturbances

by Peter Dabbene

Inventive scenarios make the short stories collected in "Urban Disturbances" disturbing, disarming, and worthwhile. Bruce McDougall probes the undersides of city and suburban life in his short story collection "Urban Disturbances". These... Read More

Book Review


by Mari Carlson

"Midland" is a resounding, redemptive novel about healing from a tragedy. In Ross Breithaupt’s measured novel "Midland", a young man works to heal following his brother’s suicide. In the 1980s, ten years after his brother jumped to... Read More

Book Review

Shadows of Kalalau

by Katerie Prior

"Shadows of Kalalau" is a cinematic thriller that mixes noir sensibilities into a young woman’s search to find herself. In Doug Walsh’s suspenseful thriller "Shadows of Kalalau", a girl in lush Hawaii encounters deception and murder.... Read More

Book Review

Finding Forget-Me-Nots

by Kristine Morris

In the engaging picture book "Finding Forget-Me-Nots", elephants learn the benefits of curiosity and mindfulness. In Wickie Rowland’s picture book "Finding Forget-Me-Nots", a small elephant learns the value of curiosity and mindfulness... Read More

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