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Book Review

January 6th and the Millennial Horde

by Aimee Jodoin

Drawing on recent history, "January 6th and the Millennial Horde" is a satirical novel that emphasizes political hypocrisies. In Andy Lazris’s dystopian novel "January 6th and the Millennial Horde", a congressman takes drastic measures... Read More

Book Review

Many Are Invited

by Karen Rigby

"Many Are Invited" is a fascinating psychological novel in which a man meddles in his married friends’ lives with disastrous consequences. In Dennis Cuesta’s beguiling and suspenseful novel "Many Are Invited", a man fuels a tragedy... Read More

Book Review

Man in the Arena

by Joseph Beyer

Winding toward the present and giving credit to those who were sources of inspiration along the way, the business memoir "Man in the Arena" shares its stories with gusto and pride. Dedicated to his father, entrepreneur David Michael... Read More

Book Review

Aunty Jane Knits Up A Storm

by Kristine Morris

This inspiring picture book acknowledges the realities of loss and highlights the healing power of love. Steve Wolfson’s tenderhearted picture book Aunty Jane Knits Up a Storm concerns the healing powers of creativity and love. Aunty... Read More

Book Review

Moonstone Hero

by Karen Rigby

In the musing adventure novel "Moonstone Hero", three strangers are forced together after a mountain climbing emergency. In David Sklar’s multiperspective novel "Moonstone Hero", a group of international climbers makes a fateful ascent... Read More

Book Review


by John M. Murray

In the fantasy novel "Steven", a determined man stands against the encroaching darkness. In Shane Boulware’s tense fantasy novel "Steven", a lone member of an ancient order announces a demon’s terrifying return. Steven is one of the... Read More

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