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Book Review

Oceans for a Thief

by Gabriella Harrison

"Oceans for a Thief" is a riveting thriller in which an ordinary man gets caught up in extraordinary circumstances. In Lloyd Reman’s thriller "Oceans for a Thief", family bonds are tested when an insidious woman entraps a successful... Read More

Book Review

Closer (Than You Think)

by Joseph S. Pete

Grounded in close studies of novels, academic theory, and various stage and screen adaptations, this incisive play vivifies the lives and works of literary greats. Trenchant and insightful, S.C. Hays’s stage play "Closer (Than You... Read More

Book Review

When the Smoke Cleared

by Michele Sharpe

"When the Smoke Cleared" is a thorough true crime book that examines a gripping murder case. Retired Massachusetts detective Bill Powers’s procedural true crime book "When the Smoke Cleared" tracks the details of a murder investigation... Read More

Book Review


by Edith Wairimu

Employees do the best job when they believe that they have the best job possible; the provocative, forward-thinking business guide "Employalty" shows leaders how to get there. Concerned with contemporary staffing shortages and increases... Read More

Book Review

Porch Music

by Mari Carlson

Strong bonds carry a family through their contrasting dramas in the historical novel "Porch Music". In Kathy Maresca’s debut novel "Porch Music", members of a tortured Florida family support each other through dramatic shifts. Bessie... Read More

Book Review

The Fear of Winter

by Gail Hoffer-Loibl

"The Fear of Winter" is a thrilling mystery novel in which the citizens of a Colorado town cope with their grief in a serial killer’s wake. In S. C. Sterling’s thriller "The Fear of Winter", a father works to find his missing... Read More

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