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Book Review

A Night Sea Journey

by Peter Dabbene

"A Night Sea Journey" is a thoughtful, transformative poetry collection. Inspired by his own experiences with physical and mental breakdown, Adrian G. R. Scott presents his unique and transcendent poem collection, "A Night Sea Journey".... Read More

Book Review

The Mouse That Snored

by Nancy Powell

"The Mouse That Snored" is whimsical and original, with often excellent comedic timing. Mel Horowitz’s "The Mouse That Snored" is an amusing farcical reinterpretation of American revolutionary heroes and myths. Humboldt “Humby”... Read More

Book Review

The Moving Blade

by Benjamin Welton

Fun and thrilling throughout, "The Moving Blade" is an excellent potboiler. Michael Pronko’s action-packed mystery novel "The Moving Blade" is an excellent addition to the popular and critically acclaimed Detective Hiroshi series, full... Read More

Book Review

Fire, Faith & Glory

by Shana Creaney

Fire, Faith & Glory is a heartfelt poetry collection centered in a pediatric intensive care hospital. R. R. Pravin’s poetry collection Fire, Faith & Glory responds with emotional eloquence to a stressful, difficult job working... Read More

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