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Book Review

Berdichev to Basildon

by Gary Henry

"Berdichev to Basildon" shines at detailing a rough-and-tumble career in British politics. A political junkie’s dream, "Berdichev to Basildon" by Eric Moonman is an informal firsthand account of life in politics and public service in... Read More

Book Review

Warrior Is

by Susan Waggoner

"Warrior Is" is a generous and openhearted sharing of cultures that illuminates American history. Set on the northern plains in the decades leading up to and including the Battle of the Little Bighorn in 1876, "Warrior Is", by Harley L.... Read More

Book Review

Not without a Fight

by Karen Rigby

Loss is recounted with unsparing clarity in this important biographical tale. D. W. Duke and Thomas Biebers’s Not Without a Fight: The Story of a Polish Jew’s Resistance is the lucid biography of the courageous Casimir “Cass”... Read More

Book Review

Seb and the Sun

by Pallas Gates McCorquodale

Far to the north where winter chases the sun away and the days are dark and drab, Seb and his friend Walrus conspire to bring light and warmth to their snowy coastal town. Beautifully depicted scenes full of murky shadow and softly... Read More

Book Review


by Sarah Stewart

The novel depicts a community of temporary summer residents who delight in one another’s trials and tribulations. A charming and sensual exploration of the tension between social norms and personal freedom, "Adirondack" by A. Dudley... Read More

Book Review

Pure Wander

by Laura Leavitt

The stakes are serious from the first, with immediate questions about the teens’ perilous positions and the lies that informed their pasts. Elements of a mystery and realistic teen fiction combine in the suspenseful young-adult romance... Read More

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