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Book Review

Wilderness Spa

by Mari Carlson

In the visionary novel "Wilderness Spa", a group of disparate individuals leans on, and learns, wilderness survival strategies after a natural disaster. In Jim Halverson’s adventure novel "Wilderness Spa", an unconventional group is... Read More

Book Review

Brain Storm

by Molly Sprayregen

"Brain Storm" is a gut-wrenching memoir that moves from extreme abuse to healing and forgiveness. Shelley Kolton’s heartbreaking memoir "Brain Storm" covers her long-term battle with Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID), once referred... Read More

Book Review

Born in Salt

by Eileen Gonzalez

In the alternate history world of "Born in Salt", the depiction of the banality of evil is as fitting as it is chilling. A young man takes on a corrupt and vicious government in T. C. Weber’s novel "Born in Salt". The book is set in a... Read More

Book Review

Apocalypse: Managed

by Karen Rigby

An engaging, ragtag group makes their way through a changed landscape in "Apocalypse: Managed", an eccentric end times novel. In Jonathan Andrew’s amusing farcical novel "Apocalypse: Managed" a British middle manager defends his... Read More

Book Review


by Kristine Morris

In the empowering picture book "Eala", a bullied boy learns that magic lives in each human being. In Ayn Cates Sullivan’s bilingual picture book "Eala", a magical swan helps a boy to learn the truth about who he is. Hugo’s... Read More

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