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Book Review

The Panacea Project

by Gabriella Harrison

"The Panacea Project" is an enthralling medical thriller that lays bare the battle between greed and sacrifice in the struggle to eradicate cancer. Catherine Devore Johnson’s medical thriller "The Panacea Project" depicts what a cure... Read More

Book Review

Delphic Oracle, USA

by Karen Rigby

In the delightful multigenerational novel "Delphic Oracle, USA", a town is put on the map by renegades in the 1920s and flourishes for their descendants. Checkered portraits of the residents of a Nebraska town fill Steven Mayfield’s... Read More

Book Review


by Carolina Ciucci

Encompassing both pain and hope, "Sideffect" is the story of a mourning father’s pursuit of justice. Rodney Bridge’s based-in-truth novel "Sideffect" details a father’s efforts to redress the death of his son. At sixteen,... Read More

Book Review

Forget Me

by Carolina Ciucci

"Forget Me" is a character-driven thriller focused on the question of what composes a person’s identity. Lisa Sherman’s thriller "Forget Me" is about a woman’s attempts to find out who she is. Five years ago, Wanda was found... Read More

Book Review

Jovian Son

by John M. Murray

In the fantastical thriller "Jovian Son", a mother faces off against an unrelenting alien family whose members hope to alter human history. In Kim Catanzarite’s thriller "Jovian Son", a mother tries to keep her son hidden from his... Read More

Book Review

The Crystal Beads

by Randi Hacker

A Holocaust tale for young readers, "The Crystal Beads" is about the universal natures of survival, heroism, sacrifice, and compassion during wartime. Set during World War II, Pat Black-Gould’s picture book "The Crystal Beads" follows... Read More

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