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Book Review

80 Poems

by Edith Wairimu

With its wide spectrum of topics and styles, "80 Poems" is an alternately thoughtful and playful collection. Roger Wayne Turkington’s transformative collection "80 Poems" offers wisdom within its musical verses. The book’s prevalent... Read More

Book Review

Vanishing Fish

by Barry Silverstein

Daniel Pauly’s "Vanishing Fish" is an important collection of essays that evaluates the far-reaching effects of global fisheries. Assembling into one volume the numerous pieces he wrote over a twenty-plus year period, Pauly—a... Read More

Book Review

The Small Book of Light

by Kristine Morris

This encouraging and spiritual self-help book encourages people to effect change in the world around them. Vicky Weston’s encouraging spiritual self-help guide "The Small Book of Light" is directed at those who yearn to make a... Read More

Book Review


by Kristine Morris

"Hebrews" is an inviting and accessible study guide that facilitates meaningful and satisfying exploration of the New Testament book. Kathy Stewart’s biblical study guide "Hebrews" makes difficult doctrine easy to understand and calls... Read More

Book Review

Love in Winter

by Letitia Montgomery-Rodgers

"Love in Winter" reaches for the art of poetry to clothe a father’s naked grief. William Edmund Evans’s Love in Winter: Missing Ryan collects poems written in the long season of grief. As its speaker navigates the first winter after... Read More

Book Review

Hunters of Hahl

by John M. Murray

"Hunters of Hahl" is a character-driven fantasy that brims with heartfelt ideas about family and culture. In Jack Henry Psaila’s compelling fantasy "Hunters of Hahl", a society unites in the hopes of defeating a towering monster. A... Read More

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