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Book Review

Talk Radio

by George Hajjar

A heartwarming novel about the residents of a quaint Maine fishing village, "Talk Radio" celebrates the joys of human connection. In Ham Martin’s lighthearted novel Talk Radio, beauty is found in the ordinary, daily lives of a radio... Read More

Book Review

Hot Air

by Carolina Ciucci

Arnold Falls lives and breathes and grows in "Hot Air", a comedic novel about a picturesque small town and its equally picturesque inhabitants. Charlie Suisman’s "Hot Air" is a charming novel centered on the townspeople of Arnold... Read More

Book Review

Holding Patterns

by John M. Murray

The explosive novel "Holding Patterns" follows a strategic investment banker as he attempts to escape his past. In James Chesterton’s literary thriller "Holding Patterns", an investment banker who’s been accused of embezzlement... Read More

Book Review

Agenda 2060

by Dontaná McPherson-Joseph

"Agenda 2060" is a darkly humorous novel that looks at the future of global society. Society has collapsed, been reshaped, and might be on the verge of collapse again in A. I. Fabler’s science fiction novel "Agenda 2060". In the year... Read More

Book Review

Cat's Whisker

by Dontaná McPherson-Joseph

Cat’s Whisker is a fascinating novel whose hero meditates on the complementary natures of science and spirituality. In Robert Steven Goldstein’s reflective novel Cat’s Whisker, a man muses on the schism between science and... Read More

Book Review


by Michelle Anne Schingler

In JJ Amaworo Wilson’s vibrant novel "Nazaré", a tyrannical regime meets its match in a compassionate teenager who seems to command the waves. For four generations, the vicious men of the Matanza family have ruled Balaal, sowing fear... Read More

Book Review

Tiger Skin Rug

by Randi Hacker

In Joan Haig’s urban fantasy for young readers, three children help a creature fulfill a promise made long ago. Lal Patel is homesick for India. His father relocated their family to Scotland and installed them in an old house whose... Read More

Book Review

Somebody Loves You

by Rebecca Foster

In poet Mona Arshi’s debut novel "Somebody Loves You", Ruby, who was born to Indian parents in England, stopped talking at school. She goes to see various therapists. Her older sister, Rania, is artistic but morbid. The girls’ mother... Read More

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