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Book Review

Floreat Lux

by Mari Carlson

"Floreat Lux" is a literary novel concerned with prophecy; its incisive cast ruminates their way through Western history. In Robert Brace’s layered novel "Floreat Lux", an investigation into a chief justice’s death prompts a... Read More

Book Review

One Last Time

by Monica Carter

In Helga Flatland’s formidable novel "One Last Time", three generations of women are forced to reckon with each other—and with resentment, love, and loss. Anne, the mother of Sigrid and the grandmother of Mia, is diagnosed with... Read More

Book Review

The Darlings

by Karen Rigby

Angela Jackson’s "The Darlings" is an eccentric novel set within a contemporary Scottish marriage. Mark is a graying, demoralized, antsy office worker who aspires to work as a comedian. But he feels guilty about his past: he killed his... Read More

Book Review

Celeste and Chris

by Mari Carlson

The coming-of-age buddy novel "Celeste and Chris" features a tantalizing peek into a bygone era. Set in the 1960s, Manjula Lisa Stokes’s novel "Celeste and Chris" concerns the loving facets of two soul twins’ lifelong friendship. In... Read More

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