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Book Review


by Eileen Gonzalez

"Dig" is a gritty literary collection whose diverse entries concern finding one’s place within a family, a culture, and a country. Latino individuals navigate myriad personal difficulties in Robert Paul Moreira’s literary collection... Read More

Book Review

Place of Cool Waters

by Neal Baker

Establishing keen senses of both its locations and its heroes’ fates, "Place of Cool Waters" follows two men on coming-of-age odysseys. Two stories converge in Ndirangu Githaiga’s novel "Place of Cool Waters" as two young men gather... Read More

Book Review

Desert Creatures

by Jenna Jaureguy

In Kay Chronister’s dystopian novel "Desert Creatures", a hardened young girl finds hope where she least expects it. Magdala was born with a clubfoot. After being banished from her home, she and her father travel across a punishing... Read More

Book Review

The Age of Goodbyes

by Ho Lin

Zig-zagging back and forth across time, Li Zi Shu’s "The Age of Goodbyes" is a kaleidoscopic family drama presented through multiple perspectives. The novel’s central focus is a book also titled "The Age of Goodbyes"; it follows the... Read More

Book Review

MacLeish Sq.

by Meg Nola

In Dennis Must’s intriguing novel "MacLeish Sq.", illusion challenges reality and invades the unsettled past. John just bought an old farmhouse in his New England hometown. He left this “mostly desolate” place at eighteen, yet as... Read More

Book Review

The Ring Breaker

by Jeff Fleischer

In Jean Gill’s gripping historical novel "The Ring Breaker", a young man comes of age in the Viking-era Orkney Islands, navigating court intrigue, his own survival, and his confusing feelings about the jarl’s cursed ward. The book... Read More

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