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Book Review

Hunting by Stars

by Michelle Anne Schingler

Indigenous populations are targeted by wanton forces in Cherie Dimaline’s startling dystopian novel "Hunting by Stars". In the desolate near future, people are unable to dream. It’s a fatal condition that only Indigenous people seem... Read More

Book Review

The Apology Box

by Aimee Jodoin

"The Apology Box" is a poignant young adult novel about redemption, community, and moving forward after life-altering mistakes. In Naomi Ulsted’s coming-of-age novel "The Apology Box", a sixteen-year-old girl works to recover from the... Read More

Book Review

Twelfth Winter

by Vivian Turnbull

Rich with historical details, "Twelfth Winter" is a coming-of-age novel in which a boy navigates two different worlds. In J. Arthur Moore’s historical novel "Twelfth Winter", a boy adapts to a new life while holding on to his heritage.... Read More

Book Review

Defy the Night

by Danielle Ballantyne

The first volume of a new fantasy series from bestselling author Brigid Kemmerer, "Defy the Night" pivots around two young adults who are determined to regain control of their destinies. Kandala was already embroiled in infighting... Read More

Book Review

Tink and Wendy

by Nancy Powell

In Kelly Ann Jacobson’s dark, contemporary retelling of Peter Pan, Tinker Bell’s unrequited love leads to bitter tragedy. Tink is a squatter at the abandoned Darling homestead. Peter Pan and Wendy are long dead, and Tink is a ghost... Read More

Book Review

Names in a Jar

by Erika Harlitz Kern

Family, identity, and loyalty are at stake in Jennifer Gold’s historical novel "Names in a Jar", a coming-of-age story set during the Holocaust. Lina Krawitz wants to be a storyteller and writer, but when her mother dies while giving... Read More

Book Review

Big Boned

by Karen Rigby

In Jo Watson’s endearing novel "Big Boned", a talented artist’s ideas about her self-worth bloom after she moves to Cape Town. After her parents divorce, Lori transfers to Bay Water High. Her mother, in her distracted grief, rebrands... Read More

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