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Founded in 1998, Foreword Magazine, Inc. is an independent media company totally devoted to covering the indie book publishing industry. From multi-imprint independent publishers, to micro presses, university presses, and author-owned publishers, the universe of indie publishing is vast and widely underserved; Foreword exists to fill that void, giving a platform for indie publishers to be discovered by our varied audience of librarians, booksellers, book-loving consumers, publishers, agents, and other publishing professionals.

Foreword’s media portfolio includes Foreword Reviews, a bimonthly, FOLIO:Award-winning print book review journal; The Foreword Spotlight series of print special interest publications dedicated to single genres or themes; Foreword This Week weekly e-newsletter; the vast coverage at; The Foreword INDIES Book of the Year Awards; and our varied social media presence.

For those looking to grow their visibility, Foreword offers a series of programs to help publishers and authors reach a targeted audience through advertising, leverage marketing opportunities with a review or award designation, and break into different markets at trade events around the world.

Foreword Magazine, Inc. is based in Traverse City, MI, with employees and a vast network of writers and reviewers around the United States and the world.