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Book Review

The Golden Handcuffs

by John M. Murray

"The Golden Handcuffs" is a slow-burning thriller in which a lone operative works to keep power in the hands of his superiors. In A. Jay Collins’s international thriller "The Golden Handcuffs", an operative for a secretive group takes... Read More

Book Review

I Killed Sam

by Jeremiah Rood

"I Killed Sam" is an engrossing legal thriller in which a battered woman who was pushed too far seeks some form of justice. Based in truth, Robert Steadman’s gripping thriller "I Killed Sam" is about a murder trial that rocked a small... Read More

Book Review


by John M. Murray

"Skull" is a polished, uneasy mystery featuring a sinister killer and a gregarious pair of detectives. In Steve Williams’s procedural mystery "Skull", a pair of detectives tackle the case of a murdered family and their unlikely killer.... Read More

Book Review

The Agency

by Randi Hacker

"The Agency" is an imaginative espionage novel in which a group of undercover agents work with the British government to defuse an international situation. In Monica McGurk’s spy novel "The Agency", a group of outlier nanny trainees... Read More

Book Review

Against the Dusk

by Delia Stanley

"Against the Dusk" is a romantic thriller in which personal motivations clash with government actions on a global stage of wealth and war. In Brett Andrew Strange’s thriller "Against the Dusk", a man falls in love with an intriguing... Read More

Book Review

My Annihilation

by Karen Mulvahill

“Turn the page, and you may give up your entire life” begins "My Annihilation", Fuminori Nakamura’s jigsaw puzzle of a novel exploring themes of connection and consequence through personal identity and responsibility. In a remote... Read More

Book Review

The Gaps

by Ashley Holstrom

Leanne Hall’s exploratory novel "The Gaps" is about what it feels like to be left behind after tragedy strikes. When sixteen-year-old Yin is abducted, her community is rocked. Everyone at the elite Balmoral Ladies College is on edge as... Read More

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