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Book Review

Forget Me

by Carolina Ciucci

"Forget Me" is a character-driven thriller focused on the question of what composes a person’s identity. Lisa Sherman’s thriller "Forget Me" is about a woman’s attempts to find out who she is. Five years ago, Wanda was found... Read More

Book Review

Jovian Son

by John M. Murray

In the fantastical thriller "Jovian Son", a mother faces off against an unrelenting alien family whose members hope to alter human history. In Kim Catanzarite’s thriller "Jovian Son", a mother tries to keep her son hidden from his... Read More

Book Review

The First Traitor

by Leah Webster

"The First Traitor" is an exciting, heartfelt young adult spy saga. In R. S. Twells’s action-packed novel "The First Traitor", a teenage agent wrestles with the ghosts of his past while trying to decipher who, and what, is worth... Read More

Book Review

DNA Smugglers

by Manik Chaturmutha

"DNA Smugglers" is an emotional thriller in which a woman travels through time to right scientific wrongs. In C. Argon’s futuristic thriller "DNA Smugglers", scientific interference obscures people’s basic instincts, leading to... Read More

Book Review

Must Read Well

by Ho Lin

In Ellen Pall’s absorbing novel "Must Read Well", a trip down memory lane proves to be both emotional and treacherous. At Columbia, Elizabeth struggles to write her dissertation on famous feminist writers. She’s coming up short on... Read More

Book Review

Is Mother Dead

by Eileen Gonzalez

In Vigdis Hjorth’s novel "Is Mother Dead", a woman takes drastic action to figure out where her relationship with her family went wrong. After thirty years, Johanna is finally back in Oslo, the city where she grew up. In all that time,... Read More

Book Review

Beyond the Threshold

by Jeremiah Rood

In Mark Ristau’s brilliant psychological novel "Beyond the Threshold", a man grapples with his untreated childhood traumas. After a summer camp experience left him marred, Ricky is sick of being picked on, and he’s tired of feeling... Read More

Book Review

Merchants Bridge

by John M. Murray

In "Merchants Bridge", an attorney’s life crumbles after a violent attack leaves him unable to discern reality from his hallucinations. While celebrating a successful meeting with a client, Gray and his law partner and close friend,... Read More

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