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Book Review

Point Option

by Dontaná McPherson-Joseph

"Point Option" is a thrilling time travel story that’s wrapped in the smooth steel of a military at-sea operation. A US Navy strike group is overtaken by a strange weather phenomenon in Ian A. O’Connor’s military thriller "Point... Read More

Book Review


by Carolina Ciucci

"Equilibrium" is a captivating novel in which grieving friends work together to save the world. In James Luthi’s dazzling science fiction novel "Equilibrium", a mixed group faces an ancient enemy in order to save humanity. Nick... Read More

Book Review

Shadows of Kalalau

by Katerie Prior

"Shadows of Kalalau" is a cinematic thriller that mixes noir sensibilities into a young woman’s search to find herself. In Doug Walsh’s suspenseful thriller "Shadows of Kalalau", a girl in lush Hawaii encounters deception and murder.... Read More

Book Review

Feet of the Nevis

by Randi Hacker

In the fantasy novel "Feet of the Nevis", brave people face a dark, sinister threat to their society. In Terrence Pershall’s novel "Feet of the Nevis", the citizens of a peaceful agrarian hamlet face a supernatural wolf-man and his... Read More

Book Review

The Fury before the Fire

by Melissa Lance

The small town thriller "The Fury before the Fire" follows a woman who fights to keep the peace in her town and in her life. In Bill Percy’s fifth installment of the Monastery Valley series, "The Fury before the Fire", a deputy... Read More

Book Review

Hidden Demon

by Delia Stanley

The thriller "Hidden Demon" weaves climate change commentary into its story of a mysterious assassin. In Fish Phillips’s thriller "Hidden Demon", outcast government agents hunt down an assassin whose track leads to a climate crisis... Read More

Book Review

The Girl From Dark Dakota

by Joseph S. Pete

The past haunts a troubled Midwestern town in the moody horror novel The Girl from Dark Dakota. In Bryan Devore’s paranormal novel The Girl from Dark Dakota, supernatural evils haunt a town in which death has concealed dark secrets. On... Read More

Book Review

Lethal Control

by Delia Stanley

"Lethal Control" is a physician-led mystery with a strong social message. In Kate Scannell’s mystery novel "Lethal Control", doctors investigating strange symptoms unravel a capitalist conspiracy. Nora is a physician who’s seen wild... Read More

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