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Book Review

Bending Time

by Kristine Morris

"Bending Time" presents ideas that are logical and convincing, familiar enough to be comfortable yet challenging and well-reasoned enough to be motivating. In "Bending Time", Patrick Paul Garlinger channels messages from a “Council of... Read More

Book Review

Every Body Has a Story

by Jessie Horness

Set against the backdrop of the economic crash, "Every Body Has a Story" is an exploration of how our identities evolve when under immense pressure. Following Lena, her family, and their close friends through employment insecurity and... Read More

Book Review

The Two-Plate Solution

by Rachel Jagareski

"The Two-Plate Solution" is a molten broth of comic, nonstop action from page one. The American TV show Natural Dish-aster is shooting in Israel, and producer Sara Sinek, a Special Forces veteran with a secret about her time embedded... Read More

Book Review

Who Is Vera Kelly?

by Hannah Williams

"Who Is Vera Kelly?" is a lively, suspenseful cinematic novel. This coming-of-age story is set in New York in the early 1960s. Working late-night shifts for a local radio station, Vera is struggling to make ends meet—but someone has... Read More

Book Review

Trip Wires

by Katie Asher

Sandra Hunter’s "Trip Wires" is a collection of short stories about the horrors of war, refugee experiences, privilege, and racism. Narrated by children and young adults, each story has themes of profound human connection, love, and... Read More

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