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Book Review

Justice at Sea

by Jeremiah Rood

Christian Klaver’s delightful fantasy novel "Justice at Sea" blends faerie magic with historical elements to spectacular effect. Justice, of the House of Thorns, is bound to the powerful faerie court through blood and tradition. She... Read More

Book Review

Ashia's Table

by Meg Nola

Ashia Ismail-Singer’s vibrant cookbook shares Indian recipes that are influenced and intensified by family and regional tastes. Part of Ismail-Singer’s singular cultural history, these dishes evince an adventurous spirit. Her Indian... Read More

Book Review

The Winter Charlatan

by Jenna Jaureguy

In Victoria McCombs’s "The Winter Charlatan", a desperate but determined princess works to save her kingdom and break her curse. Rowan was born with a curse: that on the last day of her eighteenth year, she would prick her finger on a... Read More

Book Review

Coco at the Ritz

by Karen Rigby

In Gioia Diliberto’s fascinating historical novel "Coco at the Ritz", Coco Chanel, the French couture icon, becomes enmeshed with Nazi occupiers. In 1944, Chanel, who was in her early sixties, was interrogated. She was suspected of... Read More

Book Review

Heart Medicine

by Melissa Wuske

Concerned with personal growth, Radhule Weininger’s empathetic and graceful book "Heart Medicine" is designed to help audiences break their harmful habits. People’s patterns can keep them from experiencing the lives they want,... Read More

Book Review

The Apology Box

by Aimee Jodoin

"The Apology Box" is a poignant young adult novel about redemption, community, and moving forward after life-altering mistakes. In Naomi Ulsted’s coming-of-age novel "The Apology Box", a sixteen-year-old girl works to recover from the... Read More

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