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Book Review

Adult Teeth

by Jeff Fleischer

The characters in Jeremy T. Wilson’s excellent short story collection "Adult Teeth" are all facing significant life changes, and the outcomes are consistently surprising, entertaining, and revealing. In “It Don’t Get No Better Than... Read More

Book Review

Scarlet’s Magic Paintbrush

by Karen Rigby

With its read-aloud pleasure, "Scarlet’s Magic Paintbrush" appeals to the artist in everyone. Perfection gives way to creativity in "Scarlet’s Magic Paintbrush", the story of a girl who loses her initial delight at producing... Read More

Book Review

Atlas of Men

by Delia Stanley

Well-rounded and dramatic, "Atlas of Men" dives into deep and controversial subjects. David Sklar’s compelling novel "Atlas of Men" is based on real-life events, and is filled with surprises and complex relationship dynamics. Robert... Read More

Book Review

Cry Wilderness

by Letitia Montgomery-Rodgers

A bit of a fish story (if fish were replaced with political fisticuffs), Frank Capra’s "Cry Wilderness" follows a fictionalized Capra to a wilderness cabin in the high Sierra and into local politics, where two long-term... Read More

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