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Book Review

Watermelon Snow

by Rachel Jagareski

Biologist Lynne Quarmby sailed on a two-week Arctic Circle expedition to document global warming, and "Watermelon Snow" juxtaposes descriptions of that voyage with reflections on her career, her climate change activism, politics, and the... Read More

Book Review

American Dinosaur Abroad

by Rebecca Foster

In "American Dinosaur Abroad", Dutch historian of paleontology Ilja Nieuwland traces the rise of people’s obsession with dinosaurs by way of a set of plaster diplodocus casts that traveled around the world. The diplodocuses tell the... Read More

Book Review

A Place to Belong

by Alex Dailey

Abbie Williams’s coming-of-age romance, "A Place to Belong", is set against Midwest and Northwestern prairie backdrops. Seventeen-year-old Millie, like all of her women forebearers, has loved and labored in Landon, Minnesota, at the... Read More

Book Review

Living Color

by Danielle Ballantyne

A Mexican American girl progresses from kindergarten to graduation in 1960s and ’70s California in "Living Color", a collection of linked stories by Donna Miscolta. One of four children in a transient Navy family, Angie Rubio knows she... Read More

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