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Book Review


by Ho Lin

"Sinkhole"’s murder mystery takes place in the swampy hinterlands of Florida, with emphasis on teenage trauma and buried secrets brought to light. In June of 2001, Michelle, a native of the backwater Lorida, comes home for the first... Read More

Book Review

Jacob's Apartment

by Peter Dabbene

A young man experiences a crisis of faith and stirrings of love in the graphic novel Jacob’s Apartment. Jacob and Sarah are California roommates with contrasting lifestyles and worldviews: Sarah is an atheist with a history of... Read More

Book Review

Public Faces, Secret Lives

by Meg Nola

Wendy L. Rouse’s historical survey "Public Faces, Secret Lives" reveals the LGBTQ+ side of the fight for women’s suffrage. Many suffragists, Rouse says, were “very queer”—a term that, in the book, extends to suffragists who... Read More

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