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Book Review

Dusk Explorers

by Pallas Gates McCorquodale

Play a game of tag, catch fireflies, or hunt for frogs and worms in the prickly grass: everything holds a touch of magic during those idyllic twilight hours. A blend of painting and collage art captures the sky and setting sun awash in... Read More

Book Review

The Dark Tide

by Danielle Ballantyne

An enthralling fantasy drenched in magic, Alicia Jasinska’s "The Dark Tide" pushes and pulls its heroines to their limits. The island city of Caldella is imperiled as the sea claws at its banks. Every year, the tide demands a... Read More

Book Review

If I Were You

by Karen Rigby

In Lynn Austin’s tantalizing domestic drama, If I Were You, desperation and forgiveness are part of a classic upstairs/downstairs plot. In 1930s England, Eve was Audrey’s scullery maid and coveted her privilege. Audrey admired Eve... Read More

Book Review

More Miracle than Bird

by Ho Lin

History has little to say about Georgie Hyde-Lees, the literary maven who crossed paths with Britain’s brightest artists and eventually became the wife (and muse) of poet William Butler Yeats. Alice Miller’s diverting "More Miracle... Read More

Book Review

City of Hate

by Benjamin Welton

Timothy S. Miller’s "City of Hate" is a dark thriller featuring overlapping conspiracies. Hal is a recovering alcoholic whose viewpoint is melancholic. His best friend, Lemon, is a conspiracy theorist who sees nefarious plots lurking... Read More

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