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Book Review

Postcards from the Canyon

by Amanda Adams

Gitlin’s writing is sharp, infused with a dark, irreverent wit. "Postcards from the Canyon", by Lisa Gitlin, is an engrossing, poignant journey through one woman’s past and present. Faced with the recent and unexpected death of her... Read More

Book Review

Rice Boy

by Peter Dabbene

Mythic, surreal, whimsical, colorful, and masterful, Evan Dahm’s webcomic classic "Rice Boy" has been conveniently collected in a print edition. "Rice Boy" follows the title character on a winding quest to satisfy an ancient prophecy,... Read More

Book Review

Of Covenants

by Matt Sutherland

C. Kubasta, please don’t take offense as we make reference to, ahem, country music in reviewing your fantastic new collection, "Of Covenants". The plainspoken, country-road cadence and homespun themes lean to AM, not FM, and yet the... Read More

Book Review

In Praise of Shadows

by Meg Nola

Rintoul’s narration is mellow and erudite, offering a vocal continuity to Tanizaki’s fascinating thoughts. "In Praise of Shadows", Junichiro Tanizaki’s 1933 essay on aspects of Japanese design and culture, finds a new dimension in... Read More

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