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Book Review

The Unfolding

by Anitra Budd

Jeehan Quijano’s novel "The Unfolding" concerns itself with the roots of trauma: Where does loneliness begin? How does guilt take up residence in a family? Can grief be traced through a lifetime, or even multiple lifetimes? Benjamin,... Read More

Book Review

Say What You Mean

by Kristine Morris

Words can hurt, and they can heal. We need only look around us these days to see how the words we use, and the ways we use them, can create or destroy individuals, families, communities, even nations. In these chaotic times, Oren Jay... Read More

Book Review

In the Weeds

by Meg Nola

Daniel Browne’s "In the Weeds" is set in Brooklyn, New York’s famously diverse borough of neighborhoods. In recent decades, Brooklyn’s status has changed; it is no longer shadowed by mighty Manhattan. Brooklyn is a destination of... Read More

Book Review

Goat's Coat

by Pallas Gates McCorquodale

In a tale of kindness and charity, Alfonzo’s stylish new coat slowly unravels as he gives bits and pieces of it away to those in need. Rhyming verses complemented by multihued and textured illustrations follow the coat’s demise as... Read More

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