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Book Review

The Closer

by Jennifer Miller

"The Closer" is an inspiring and fun take on women in business, with plenty of ceiling smashing along the way. Shaz Kahng’s fast-paced, sports-focused "The Closer" is timely and refreshing, a novel that exposes the difficulties that... Read More

Book Review

Willy Ley

by Amanda Adams

Ley was a pioneer of both scientific exploration and widespread media entertainment; this biography gives the visionary his due. Willy Ley: Prophet of the Space Age, by Jared S. Buss, is a dynamic biography of a remarkable scientific... Read More

Book Review

Cashed Out

by Allison Butler

"Cashed Out" is an enjoyable thriller that evokes pain, sorrow, and sympathetic feelings toward even its unlikable characters. Cash in on this thrilling read from Michael H. Rubin. Set in the sweltering heat of the Louisiana bayou,... Read More

Book Review

Accidental Activists

by Claire Foster

Collins shows that change, even of the smallest kind, comes at the cost of great dedication and even greater love. It took four decades of lawyers, litigation, LGBTQ activists, and patient, persistent engagement to legalize gay marriage.... Read More

Book Review

City Folk and Country Folk

by Meg Nola

Quietly masterful, the novel contains rich details of nineteenth-century Russian life. Sofia Khvoshchinskaya’s "City Folk and Country Folk" is a slyly captivating, contemporaneous novel of mid-nineteenth-century Russia. Khvoshchinskaya... Read More

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