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Book Review


by Joseph S. Pete

With awareness that the fastest growing sectors of tomorrow’s job market may not yet exist, "Workquake" assesses ongoing upheavals in changing workplaces with clarity. Steve Cadigan’s "Workquake" concerns the continuing evolution of... Read More

Book Review

The Leaf Thief

by Michelle Anne Schingler

A cozy squirrel becomes frantic when he determines that one of the leaves in his bright canopy has gone missing. Eyes wide, he jumps from spot to spot, asking the other animals if they know who the thief is; the answer is more seasonal,... Read More

Book Review

The Just

by Erika Harlitz Kern

Jan Brokken’s history text "The Just" documents a rescue operation to save Jews from the Holocaust in Nazi-occupied Lithuania. When Jan Zwartendijk became the branch manager of the Dutch company Philips in Lithuania, he had no idea... Read More

Book Review

Lake Crescent

by Meg Nola

In J. J. Dupuis’s mystery novel "Lake Crescent", a cryptozoologist travels to Newfoundland in hopes of confirming or debunking the presence of a sea serpent that’s rumored to live in a lake. Laura’s team arrives in Robert’s Arm,... Read More

Book Review

First Nations Version

by Jeremiah Rood

Terry M. Wildman and the First Nations Version Translation Council deliver a fresh translation of the Bible with "First Nations Version", which adds the wisdom of America’s first people to the text of the New Testament. The text’s... Read More

Book Review

I Am the Subway

by Danielle Ballantyne

A bestselling Korean picture book is translated to bring this entrancing tale of “the unique lives of strangers you might never meet again” to a new audience. Told from the perspective of the Seoul subway, the story peels back layers... Read More

Book Review

Autumn Leaves, 1922

by Claire Foster

"Autumn Leaves, 1922" is a sumptuous spy romp with an irresistible heroine. Glamorous gossip columnist Kiki is bereaved and beauty-starved when she returns to Paris from her mother’s deathbed in Australia. The jazz age is in full... Read More

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