Foreword Reviews

About the Background

The background of our website uses art from the cover of the most recent issue of Foreword Reviews, which is sourced from one of the books we reviewed in that issue.

January/February 2021 (current)

Photography by Suech + Beck, from The Double Happiness Cookbook: 88 Feel-Good Recipes and Food Stories by Trevor Lui. Used with permission from Figure 1 Publishing.

November/December 2020

Image from Infinity by Pablo Bernasconi. Used with permission from Penny Candy Books.

September/October 2020

Image from Polar Tales: The Future of Ice, Life, and the Arctic by Fredrik Granath and Melissa Schafer.

July/August 2020

Image from Vera Kelly Is Not a Mystery by Rosalie Knecht. Cover art and design by Jakob Vala. Used with permission from Tin House.

May/June 2020

Model Wafeeqa Azeem wears design by Abaya Addict. Photo taken by Nicole Najmah Abraham. Printed with permission from MODESTY: A Fashion Paradox published by Neem Tree Press 2020. Distributed by Casemate IPM.

March/April 2020

Photo by Eio Jones from Salmon: A Fish, the Earth, and the History of a Common Fate by Mark Kurlansky. Used with permission from Patagonia Works.