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Book Review


by Eileen Gonzalez

"Dig" is a gritty literary collection whose diverse entries concern finding one’s place within a family, a culture, and a country. Latino individuals navigate myriad personal difficulties in Robert Paul Moreira’s literary collection... Read More

Book Review

You Are Here

by Elaine Chiew

Cynthia Flood’s short story collection "You Are Here" seethes with political menace that’s seen through focused personal dramas. These stories defy categorization; they are wonderful, layered, powerful, and imbued with clear senses... Read More

Book Review

Bratwurst Haven

by Rebecca Foster

In the dozen linked short stories of Rachel King’s gritty collection "Bratwurst Haven", lovable, flawed characters navigate aging, parenthood, and relationships. Set in Colorado in the recent past, the book depicts a gentrifying area... Read More

Book Review

Acts of a Dubious Nature

by Neal Baker

Refined and unpretentious, these short stories are directed by possibilities and filled with distinctive characters. Tony Canino’s collection "Acts of a Dubious Nature" comprises ten diverse and character-driven short stories. Ranging... Read More

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