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July 2012

Here are all of the books we've reviewed that were published July 2012.

Book Review

Aging, Health Care, and You!

by Lisa Bower

This book demystifies health care for older generations grappling to keep up. Americans spend thousands of dollars trying to stay young, but instead of focusing on health, many of us zero in on our wrinkles. Martin S. Finkelstein’s... Read More

Book Review

Prairie Journey

by Sara Budzik

A girl journeys into the unknown American West with her family, facing danger and loneliness with the bravery of a pioneer. Friendship, bravery, and hard truths about love and loss are central themes in this story about twelve-year-old... Read More

Book Review

Six Feet off the Ground

by Barbara Bamberger Scott

A ten-year-old child manages to be hopeful, tragic, fun, and endearing all at once, despite dysfunctional parents. "Six Feet off the Ground", by new novelist H. C. Turner, is the emotionally gripping tale of three lives unmoored. It’s... Read More

Book Review

The Golden Spider

by Peter Dabbene

Well-developed characters and relationships between preteens makes for an exciting coming-of-age fantasy adventure. Twelve and a half is a precarious age, on the cusp of adolescence, and for most kids, it’s still a time of finding... Read More

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