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Book Review


by Michele Sharpe

Full of positive messages about women and aging, "Pearls" is an upbeat collection of folk wisdom. Retired sociologist Dot Nuechterlein’s "Pearls" gathers personal testimonies on aging from over eighty women; the book represents over... Read More

Book Review

Inner Alchemy

by Kristine Morris

This is a New Age text that not only teaches concepts, but works to train one’s mind, body, and spirit to take action in the world. Zulma Reyo’s New Age text "Inner Alchemy" is a practical, inspiring guide to the mastery and... Read More

Book Review

Hang On, Let Go

by Jeremiah Rood

Frank Viola’s book Hang On, Let Go, is about infusing one’s Christian spirituality with real guts. Viola draws on the tough-minded perspective of the New Testament’s James in his efforts to inspire people during hard times. When... Read More

Book Review

Baby Bomb

by Kristen Rabe

"Baby Bomb" is a wise, entertaining, and compassionate relationship survival guide for new and expectant parents. While many parenting guides focus on infants and are geared toward raising healthy, well-adjusted children, "Baby Bomb"... Read More

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