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Book Review

I Killed Sam

by Jeremiah Rood

"I Killed Sam" is an engrossing legal thriller in which a battered woman who was pushed too far seeks some form of justice. Based in truth, Robert Steadman’s gripping thriller "I Killed Sam" is about a murder trial that rocked a small... Read More

Book Review

A Stream to Follow

by Mari Carlson

In the sensitive historical novel "A Stream to Follow", a doctor seeks to heal from wounds left by a war. In Jess Wright’s historical novel "A Stream to Follow", a doctor returns home after World War II and encounters ongoing domestic... Read More

Book Review

The Rape of Persephone

by Delia Stanley

In the atmospheric high fantasy novel "The Rape of Persephone", a powerful girl comes of age and comes into her own. Retelling an ancient Greek story with modern twists, Monica Brillhart’s romantic novel follows the daughter of a high... Read More

Book Review

However Long the Day

by Wendy Hinman

Set in 1918 in Manhattan, Justin Reed’s historical novel "However Long the Day" follows two young men who switch identities. Niall is an Irish immigrant whose world turns upside down when he trades places with his doppelgänger,... Read More

Book Review

The Blast

by Meg Nola

Joseph Matthews’s clamorous, complex novel "The Blast" is set in San Francisco in 1916. It contrasts the city’s burgeoning capitalist prosperity with its increasing climate of social unrest. Blue is a born San Franciscan of Sicilian... Read More

Book Review

No One Notices the Boys

by Aleena Ortiz

Michelle Birkby’s historical mystery novel "No One Notices the Boys" is riveting as it traces an investigation in Sherlock Holmes’s London. Martha, Sherlock Holmes’s housekeeper, is bedridden in a private women’s hospital ward.... Read More

Book Review

The Valet's Secret

by Karen Rigby

In Josi S. Kilpack’s ebullient Regency romance The Valet’s Secret, a classic case of mistaken identity inspires love between the heir to an earldom and a widow. Kenneth, disguised as his valet, runs into Rebecca, who dodges his... Read More

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