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Book Review

Beginning with Cannonballs

by Suzanne Kamata

"Beginning with Cannonballs" is an encouraging novel about a friendship that endures despite time and challenges. Jill McCroskey Coupe’s historical novel "Beginning with Cannonballs" tracks the ups and downs of an interracial... Read More

Book Review

Father Divine's Bikes

by Mari Carlson

Father Divine’s Bikes is a haunting historical novel about a city’s coming of age. Steve Bassett’s novel, Father Divine’s Bikes, exposes postwar Newark’s underbelly. Following two related murders, circulation wars between major... Read More

Book Review

The Ultra Betrayal

by John M. Murray

"The Ultra Betrayal" is a masterful historical spy thriller where morality pushes people to their breaking points. In Glenn Dyer’s espionage-drenched novel "The Ultra Betrayal", a missing Allied cryptographer puts the fate of the war... Read More

Book Review

Soldiers of Freedom

by Eileen Gonzalez

The World War II novel "Soldiers of Freedom" is filled with fascinating historical information and lesser-known heroes from the war. In the waning days of World War II, three freedom fighters remain devoted to the cause in Samuel... Read More

Book Review

Freedom Dues

by Aimee Jodoin

Enlivened by captivating historical details, "Freedom Dues" is a riveting coming-of-age love story. Steeped in thorough research, Indra Zuno’s historical novel "Freedom Dues" concentrates on indentured servants in eighteenth-century... Read More

Book Review

The Talking Drum

by Eileen Gonzalez

Lisa Braxton’s historical novel "The Talking Drum" captures a vibrant immigrant community in its death throes. Petite Africa is in trouble. The city of Bellport plans to demolish this rundown, immigrant-majority neighborhood and build... Read More

Book Review

Ship of Fates

by Meg Nola

Caitlin Chung’s wondrous "Ship of Fates" begins with the ancient legend of Wong Zhi Mei, a Chinese bride promised by her family to a foreign suitor. But teenage Mei yearns for true love, and she steals the suitor’s proffered gold and... Read More

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