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Book Review

Fate Accompli

by Jeana Jorgensen

"Fate Accompli" is an ambitious mythological novel that explores the role of fate in the lives of both gods and mortals. Keith R. Fentonmiller’s historical fantasy novel "Fate Accompli" is a humorous romp spanning time, fate, and... Read More

Book Review

All Bleeding Stops

by Susan Waggoner

Featuring strong scenes set amid the war in Vietnam, "All Bleeding Stops" is a historical novel that concentrates on a doctor who’s changed by his trials. Michael J. Collins’s historical novel "All Bleeding Stops" follows a soldier... Read More

Book Review

For Malice and Mercy

by Michele Sharpe

In the historical novel "For Malice and Mercy", two siblings draw on their inner fortitude to accept changes and make difficult choices in the chaos of World War II. In Gary W. Toyn’s historical novel "For Malice and Mercy", two German... Read More

Book Review

A Canon's Tale

by John M. Murray

A Canon’s Tale is a compelling historical novel about a man’s attempts to balance his faith with his duty to the church. In Marilyn A. Schneider’s historical novel A Canon’s Tale, a young man battles his inner demons and urges... Read More

Book Review

Tooth of the Covenant

by Meg Nola

In Norman Lock’s splendid historical novel "Tooth of the Covenant", Nathaniel Hawthorne is troubled by his ancestor’s dark legacy as a harsh, heartless judge. In 1851, Hawthorne enjoys the positive reception of his most recent work,... Read More

Book Review

Bitter Magic

by Catherine Thureson

Based on the life story of a confessed witch, Nancy Hayes Kilgore’s engrossing historical novel "Bitter Magic" concerns a teenager with a dangerous interest in magic. In the harsh religious climate of seventeenth-century Scotland,... Read More

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