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Book Review

Eat Your Rice Cakes

by Michele Sharpe

"Eat Your Rice Cakes" is a practical health text that will be useful when it comes to identifying stumbling blocks to medical change. Written for patients and health care providers, Margaret Weiss’s personable health text "Eat Your... Read More

Book Review


by Melissa Wuske

Stacie Stephenson’s "Vibrant" paints a vision for holistic health, and plots a path to achieve it. Here, lifestyle medicine, which is related to integrative and functional medicine, is all about empowering individuals to make daily... Read More

Book Review

Fighting Chance

by Joseph S. Pete

Though acknowledging that depression can have ill effects, "Fighting Chance" approaches its subject with hope. Sarah Zabel’s comprehensive text "Fighting Chance" concerns the science of depression, emphasizing effective treatments and... Read More

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