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Book Review


by Letitia Montgomery-Rodgers

In Brielle D. Porter’s novel "Jester", a girl’s ambition to possess real magic and outrun her family’s past threatens to consume her. Terraca’s city of Oasis is glutted with magic, and its many magicians are all competing to be... Read More

Book Review


by Aleena Ortiz

W. A. Simpson’s fantasy novel "Tinderbox" invokes magical powers and the possessive motives of the ruling elite. Isbet returns home and finds that her grandmother, a powerful witch, has been killed, and the killer stole the Box, a... Read More

Book Review

Kalyna the Soothsayer

by Jeremiah Rood

In Elijah Kinch Spector’s brooding novel "Kalyna the Soothsayer", the end of the world is coming. Kalyna knows that her country is about to collapse into war and destruction, but she cannot flee. She is trapped in the service of the... Read More

Book Review

The Bruising of Qilwa

by Danielle Ballantyne

Influenced by Persian culture, "The Bruising of Qilwa" is a stunning fantasy novella that confronts questions of belonging: to a culture, a family, and to yourself. Nonbinary blood magic practitioner Firuz might be considered one of the... Read More

Book Review

Wayne's Angel

by John M. Murray

In the Christian fantasy novel Wayne’s Angel, a headstrong woman is driven to pull an aimless musician to the side of good. In Ron W. Mumford’s fantasy novel Wayne’s Angel, a smooth-talking musician faces an existential crisis and... Read More

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