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Book Review


by Joseph S. Pete

With awareness that the fastest growing sectors of tomorrow’s job market may not yet exist, "Workquake" assesses ongoing upheavals in changing workplaces with clarity. Steve Cadigan’s "Workquake" concerns the continuing evolution of... Read More

Book Review

Crack the Code

by Claire Foster

The business guide "Crack the Code" plots a nontraditional, adaptable course through the inflexible corporate world. Kaiser Yang’s pragmatic business manual "Crack the Code" is about cultivating creativity in corporate spaces. Written... Read More

Book Review

The Company

by John M. Murray

"The Company" is a hefty company biography, showing how AM Best revolutionized the credit rating industry. The AM Best Foundation’s "The Company" is an in-depth look at the business that Alfred M. Best started, which became a major... Read More

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