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Book Review

The Great Chair

by Jeremiah Rood

"The Great Chair" is a useful leadership book that suggests new ways for boards to run their companies. Brian Hayward’s business text "The Great Chair" gives advice on leading or chairing a board of directors. Concerned with the... Read More

Book Review

Earning Her Business

by Carol Booton

Katie Mares draws on her leadership coaching expertise in "Earning Her Business", a primer on achieving success in business by focusing on the needs of women customers and employees. Arguing that brand perceptions and consumer behaviors... Read More

Book Review

Owning the Room

by Joseph S. Pete

"Owning the Room" is a self-help work for developing leaders that’s concerned with management and methods for success. Roger A. Gerard’s "Owning the Room" suggests means for developing dynamic leadership skills and running companies... Read More

Book Review

Brands on a Mission

by Carol Booton

"Brands on a Mission" is a valuable marketing text aimed at inspiring corporate leaders to harness the power of their brands to improve lives and promote social justice. Myriam Sidibe’s action-oriented business book "Brands on a... Read More

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