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Here are all of the books we've reviewed that have 335 pages.

Book Review

Zero Day

by Paige Van De Winkle

"Zero Day" is a fascinating and highly relevant thriller with invigorating elements of realism. T. L. Williams’s "Zero Day" is a complex, smart, and timely drama about virtual warfare. Within the thriller, China uses hacking to attack... Read More

Book Review

The Second Letter

by Hannah Eason

With its solid structure and fast pace, along with a standout sleuth, Lane’s story makes a worthy new entry into the suspense genre. Robert Lane sets the stage for his cross-generational government/dirty-business suspense story, "The... Read More

Book Review

Guests on Earth

by Barbara Bamberger Scott

Mental hospital where Zelda Fitzgerald spent her last days provides real-life backdrop to tale of lust among the lost … and shock therapy. Highland, “a famous, progressive hospital” in Asheville, North Carolina, the setting for... Read More

Book Review

Rogues, Writers & Whores

“I enjoy nothing more,” wrote Jean-Baptiste Colbert, France’s Minister of Finance under King Louis XIV, “than making love, dining well and drinking the rich red wines of Bordeaux, and I am never more pleased when I can carry out... Read More

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