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Book Review


by Kristine Morris

"Perfect" is a spiritual memoir concerned with healing from generational traumas. Judi Miller’s moving memoir "Perfect" covers how her generational trauma and inexplicable fears were healed. Born in Trinidad to parents of Chinese and... Read More

Book Review

Your Conscience

by Matt Benzing

With its direct language and practical exercises, "Your Conscience" is a standout spirituality text. Leonard Perlmutter’s self-help text "Your Conscience" applies spiritual insights to the challenges of everyday living. The book begins... Read More

Book Review

Real Talk Tarot

by Kristine Morris

For relatability and accessibility, "Real Talk Tarot" updates the tarot, making the ancient system of self-knowledge and divination easy to use and appealing. Here, the tarot’s six-hundred-year-old system of applying archetypes to life... Read More

Book Review

Quickwater Oracles

by Katerie Prior

"Quickwater Oracles" is an inspiring, thought-provoking collection of spiritual poetry that will carry the heart, mind, and soul toward broader, more open horizons. Ruth Thompson’s "Quickwater Oracles" is a thought-provoking collection... Read More

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