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Book Review

Pretend Plumber

by Addissyn House

In the coming-of-age novel "Pretend Plumber", an LGBTQ+ girl learns to navigate her Los Angeles life with authenticity. In Stephanie Barbé Hammer’s new adult novel "Pretend Plumber", a thirteen-year-old questions how she fits into her... Read More

Book Review

Be Drag Fabulous

by Danielle Ballantyne

“Condragulations, darlings; it’s time to be fabulous”: so closes the introduction and begins "Be Drag Fabulous", a colorful book brimming with life advice to help you “follow in the heels” of some of the most renowned queens in... Read More

Book Review

Going to Beautiful

by Delia Stanley

In Anthony Bidulka’s novel Going to Beautiful, a widowed celebrity chef travels to a small town, where he encounters both dark secrets and uplifting surprises. Jake’s perfect life, built from his passion for cooking and several... Read More

Book Review

Acts of Atonement

by Eileen Gonzalez

In S. W. Leicher’s novel "Acts of Atonement", a lesbian couple deals with mental illness, cultural isolation, and unexpected reunions. Serach grew up Jewish; Paloma is Colombian American. The women built a wonderful life together after... Read More

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