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Book Review

Birds and Us

by Matt Benzing

"Birds and Us" is a fascinating look at the relationship between human beings and our avian relatives throughout history, written by ornithologist Tim Birkhead. The text follows the arc of the bird’s flight through human art and... Read More

Book Review

Casting Onward

by Kristen Rabe

"Casting Onward" is Steve Ramirez’s insightful, entertaining account of his fly fishing trips to scenic waterways across the US. It includes advice from expert anglers and an impassioned plea for conservation. After he left behind a... Read More

Book Review

Blue Zeus

by Karen Rigby

"Blue Zeus" is a convincing, beautiful photography book that reveals the necessity of conserving wild horses. Wild horse advocate Carol J. Walker’s striking photography collection "Blue Zeus" tells the story of a Blue roan and his herd... Read More

2021 Finalist for Nature

2021 Editor's Choice Prize Nonfiction for Nature

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