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Near Haven

"Near Haven" takes on the apocalypse with literary flair and shining prose. In "Near Haven", by Matthew Stephen Sirois, a looming apocalypse puts life into perspective. This is... Read More

Book Review


Mounting tensions make this psychological thriller hard to put down. Sarah Stovell’s "Exquisite" is a dark, sensual, and twisted character study, rife with murky motivations... Read More

Book Review


"Swarm" rips its plot from today’s headlines and sets up an incredibly introspective and action-packed thriller. "Swarm" by Guy Garcia is a rip-roaring techno-thriller tinged... Read More

Book Review


This is science fiction with an ecological focus, delivering a sharp story alongside questions of how humans relate to their world. Brenda Cooper’s "Wilders" is a captivating... Read More

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