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Here are all of the books we've reviewed that have 303 pages.

Book Review

Unyielding Destiny

by Alex Dailey

"Unyielding Destiny" is a page-turning mafia thriller in which two men from opposing worlds fight for their own kind of justice. Spiros Gratsias’s suspenseful mafia tale "Unyielding Destiny" focuses on honor, revenge, family, and... Read More

Book Review

High Desert High

by Gary Presley

"High Desert High" hews closer to perceived reality than many metaphysical journeys, giving it broad appeal. In Steven Schindler’s thoughtful and sometimes trippy "High Desert High", Paul Santo, retired New York City police lieutenant,... Read More

Book Review

Little Pretty Things

by Lynn Evarts

A dank roadside motel plays a central role in this murder mystery involving teenage girls, competition, and festering secrets. In this well-written atmospheric mystery, Juliet Townsend has never left town after high school. As a runner... Read More

Book Review

Contract City

by Amanda Silva

Falkin animates this dystopian YA novel with timeless depictions of what often feels like uncharted terrain bridging childhood and adulthood. "Contract City", Mark Falkin’s YA novel, set in Tulsa, Oklahoma, renamed “The City of the... Read More

Book Review

Clinch River Justice

by Wayne Cunningham

For Deputy Sheriff Charley Scott, his job at the sheriff’s office in Powell County, Virginia, “is to work for justice … justice, pure and simple.” His boss, Sheriff Hargis Fielding, tells him, “That’s a good answer. But I... Read More

Book Review


by Jeannine Chartier Hanscom

When a well-known real estate developer is found viciously murdered on the grounds of his own golf course, semi-retired attorney and reluctant sleuth Pete Thorsen tries to keep his distance from the intrigue surrounding the crime. Not... Read More

Book Review

Children's Proportions for Artists

by Kristine Morris

Serious figurative artists, especially those who specialize in portraits of children, will be amazed by the wealth of information in this book, meant to be a companion to the author’s previously published work, Human Proportions for... Read More

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