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Book Review

Slim: Frank, 1922-2012

by Mari Carlson

Exemplifying family pride, Slim: Frank, 1922–2012 is the biography of an Australian man who memorably protested changing times. Slim: Frank, 1922–2012 is Angela Darlington’s biography of her grandfather, who resisted personal,... Read More

Book Review

Straight Lady

by Eileen Gonzalez

"Straight Lady" is the untold story of an iconic, underappreciated talent who helped to shape early Hollywood comedies. Chris Enss and Howard Kazanjian’s "Straight Lady" is the biography of Margaret Dumont, best known for playing... Read More

Book Review

Mirror in the Sky

by Mari Carlson

In "Mirror in the Sky", Simon Morrison traces the development of Stevie Nicks’s artistic persona via a perusal of her music. After a brief outline of Nicks’s early life in the American West, the book follows her artistic development,... Read More

Book Review

Heroes & Scoundrels

by Kristine Morris

One of the greatest rewards of winning the Nobel Prize in Medicine is the authority it bestows on the winner. But in Heroes & Scoundrels, medical historian Moira Dolan encourages healthy skepticism toward pronouncements from medical... Read More

Book Review

The Abolitionist’s Journal

by Meg Nola

James D. Richardson’s biography "The Abolitionist’s Journal" concerns the extraordinary life of George Richardson, an antislavery advocate and traveling Methodist preacher. George Richardson kept a 300-page journal that became... Read More

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