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Book Review

He Chose the Glory

by Edith Wairimu

In the concise, Bible-based novella "He Chose the Glory", believers explore what it means to honor God in both Jewish and Christian contexts. Louis McCall’s keen historical novella "He Chose the Glory" follows the movement of the Ark... Read More

Book Review

Slim: Frank, 1922-2012

by Mari Carlson

Exemplifying family pride, Slim: Frank, 1922–2012 is the biography of an Australian man who memorably protested changing times. Slim: Frank, 1922–2012 is Angela Darlington’s biography of her grandfather, who resisted personal,... Read More

Book Review

Bravo Zulu

by John M. Murray

"Bravo Zulu" is a passionate collector’s personalized and enthusiastic ode to military aviation history. Vintage aircraft collector and museum founder Jerry Yagen’s memoir-cum-museum guide "Bravo Zulu" concerns his decades-long... Read More

Book Review


by Matt Benzing

Observing the development of the US as a nation through a single American family, "Legacy" is a personalized, microcosmic history text. "Legacy" is a tale of US history distilled through Scott MacDonald’s family genealogy and the... Read More

Book Review

Muppets in Moscow

by Jeff Fleischer

At the end of the Cold War, a television producer, Natasha Lance Rogoff, took on the challenge of creating Ulitsa Sezam, a Russian version of Sesame Street. In "Muppets in Moscow", she chronicles the challenges of that endeavor, from... Read More

Book Review

Heroes & Scoundrels

by Kristine Morris

One of the greatest rewards of winning the Nobel Prize in Medicine is the authority it bestows on the winner. But in Heroes & Scoundrels, medical historian Moira Dolan encourages healthy skepticism toward pronouncements from medical... Read More

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