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Book Review

People of the River

by Susan Waggoner

Grace Karskens’s engrossing history "People of the River" illuminates Australia’s distant past. The book opens in deep history, describing the topography and course of the Hawkesbury-Nepean River, a waterway that curves like a giant... Read More

Book Review

The Scent of Empires

by Susan Waggoner

Karl Schlögel’s cultural history "The Scent of Empires" tells the story of two perfumes that permeated portions of the twentieth century. In 1913, French perfumers were commissioned to create a scent to celebrate 300 years of Romanov... Read More

Book Review

Gossip Men

by Jeff Fleischer

In his informative, entertaining history book, "Gossip Men", Christopher M. Elias tracks the surveillance state of the latter half of the twentieth century to its roots in both a culture of gossip and insinuation, and in a kind of... Read More

Book Review

Hope and Destiny

by Benjamin Welton

"Hope and Destiny" is an insightful history of the US’s Middle Eastern policy. Harry Keatts Chenault Jr.’s "Hope and Destiny" is a remarkable history of how the United States became involved in the Middle East that focuses on three... Read More

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