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Here are all of the books we've reviewed that have 263 pages.

Book Review

Encountering Mystery

by Kristen Rabe

Dale C. Allison Jr.’s "Encountering Mystery" is a stimulating, thoughtful examination of the power and relevance of personal spiritual experiences that are often dismissed in the secular world. The work cites hundreds of accounts in... Read More

Book Review

Portrait of Sebastian Khan

by Meg Nola

In Aatif Rashid’s witty and dissolute "Portrait of Sebastian Khan", a Muslim American college student is conflicted by his love for free-spirited pleasure and the more conventional realities of accomplishment, commitment, and... Read More

Book Review

The Painter of Time

by Kristine Morris

This is an enchanting mystery, full of intrigue, romance, and time travel. What starts out as the enchanting story of a young art restorer’s attraction to a handsome colleague turns into a tale of intrigue and time travel in Matthew... Read More

Book Review

The Mexican Gardener

by Sheila M. Trask

If "The Mexican Gardener" were a movie, you’d be well served to finish your popcorn during the previews because there isn’t a lot of downtime during the story. Len Lamensdorf starts with urgent action: chemist José Rivera-Diego is... Read More

Book Review

Easter Ann Peters' Operation Cool

Debut author Jody Lamb nails the seventh-grade mentality in her funny, loving ode to an outcast. Cliques, clothing, and other everyday discomforts form the backdrop for her irresistible heroine’s larger trouble: an alcoholic mother.... Read More

Book Review

The Forgotten Waltz

by Monica Carter

“I was huge! I was horny! I was … careful. When I looked at Séan, and he at me, it was always eye to eye.” This is the compelling and candid voice of Gina Moynihan, the snarky and sensual thirty-four-year-old narrator of Anne... Read More

Book Review


Protagonist José María has committed a heinous crime. Prone to violence and hungry for sex, María is accidentally self-imprisoned in the estate of the Blinders (Rosa, the maid, is María’s former lover), placing him flush against... Read More

Book Review

Death at Victoria Dock

In the author’s Phryne Fisher mysteries, the chaser is infinitely more engaging than the chase. For the benefit of those not yet acquainted with her charms, Fisher is a rich, stylish, sexually liberated PI who plies her trade in... Read More

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