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Here are all of the books we've reviewed that have 263 pages.

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Book Review

The Safety of Deeper Water

Tim Polands "The Safety of Deeper Water" (Vandalia Press, 978-1-933202-32-7) IS MORE OF A NOVEL WITH SUSPENSE THAN A SUSPENSE NOVEL. In fact, its a fishing novel with suspense-and a first-rate writing job. The story centers on a woman... Read More

Book Review

Walking After Midnight

New Year’s Eve celebrations are supposed to be happy. The night started well in 1997, as friends and neighbors gathered in the small town of Squamish, British Columbia. The author’s life and family changed forever that night, and... Read More

Book Review

Hillary Rodham Clinton

by Karl Helicher

With the exception of Eleanor Roosevelt, no other first lady has stirred as much controversy as Hillary Rodham Clinton. The author says she has “been bolstered by her friends, betrayed by her husband … interrogated by prosecutors,... Read More

Book Review

Billy Verit

by Paul Russell

For those not already familiar with Rick Harsch, his new novel Billy Verité will be a surprising and pleasant discovery. The good guys are suitably bumbling yet resilient and determined; the bad guys are truly evil, and the dialogue is... Read More

Book Review

Mary McGreevy

by Alan L. White

Finding that you no longer believe in something sacred is difficult at best, but if you are a nun who spent the past 16 years in a convent, this realization creates problems of biblical proportions. Mary McGreevy is the story of one such... Read More