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Here are all of the books we've reviewed that have 199 pages.

Book Review

The Ninth Session

by Eileen Gonzalez

"The Ninth Session" is a character-driven thriller in which a mental health professional goes to great lengths to protect her patient. Deborah Serani’s thriller "The Ninth Session" pits a psychologist against a secretive new patient... Read More

Book Review

Resurrection of the Wild

by Barry Silverstein

Deborah Fleming’s "Resurrection of the Wild" celebrates and explore’s Ohio’s ecology and resources. The book’s perspective is personal—Fleming is an Ohio native. She traces her relationship with the state and its natural... Read More

Book Review

Christian Bend

by Felicia Topp

Focusing on the significance of relationships, the novel resonates with truth and clarity. A breezy read full of quirky names and subtle charm, "Christian Bend" is an intriguing story with complex characters whose lives contain a few... Read More

Book Review

Best Lesbian Erotica 2011

by Elizabeth Millard

A solid annual series since 2003, the Best Lesbian Erotica collections have become known for delivering spicy stories filled with humor, affection, play, and plenty of erotic encounters. This year’s collection is selected by Lea... Read More

Book Review

The Shame of What We Are

by Jessica Henkle

“Why would anyone be nostalgic for unhappiness?” The teenage Art Dennison wonders this while contemplating his less than ideal childhood, and while realizing he actually misses it. Art, the main character of Sam Gridley’s novel,... Read More

Book Review

From Internment, to Korea, to Solitude

by Gary Presley

American history, like that of every other nation in the world, is marred by ugly episodes. On that dishonorable list, slavery and the persecution of Native Americans are followed closely by the internment of Japanese-Americans who were... Read More

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