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Book Review

Under the Stars

by Rebecca Foster

“To walk at night” creates “a night twice lived,” Matt Gaw declares in "Under the Stars", which is structured around a series of night walks to delve into the science of the night sky. The pull of the moon is undeniable, Gaw... Read More

Book Review

Ice Rivers

by Rachel Jagareski

Glaciologist Jemma Wadham’s anguish over her field of study being besieged by climate change underpins "Ice Rivers", which introduces seven diverse glaciers. It’s an emotional, masterful science narrative that’s coupled with scenes... Read More

Book Review

A Matter of Scale

by Eileen Gonzalez

"A Matter of Scale" is a beginner’s guide to low-carbon energy sources and the role they may play in a more environmentally friendly future. In his science book "A Matter of Scale", Preston Charles Urka lays out his case for ramping up... Read More

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