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Book Review

Half Wild

by Jeff Fleischer

Dave Dempsey spent more than three decades working in a range of environmental-policy roles in Michigan, and those experiences inform his new essay collection "Half Wild". The stories in the book all discuss the intersection of human... Read More

Book Review

A World in a Shell

by Rebecca Foster

“Each and every extinction has its own story,” writes Thom van Dooren in his attentive, elegiac book "A World in a Shell", which regards Hawai’i’s lost and endangered snail species as instructive microcosms of biodiversity loss.... Read More

Book Review

Thoughts on My Thoughts

by Kristine Morris

"Thoughts on My Thoughts" is an uplifting memoir about the mutual enrichment that comes from the bonds between people and animals. Veterinarian Walter R. Hoge’s memoir "Thoughts on My Thoughts" celebrates the joy and satisfaction that... Read More

Book Review

Mobilize Food!

by Matt Benzing

Both a history book and an environmental analysis, "Mobilize Food!" suggests a compelling way forward through the examples of the past. Eleanor Boyle’s environmentally conscious book "Mobilize Food!" is a provocative call to arms for... Read More

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