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Here are all of the books we've reviewed that have 199 pages.

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Book Review

My Lot

Poet Ada Geller has compiled an old-fashioned, dolorous collection of fifty poems in "My Lot". The dominant theme here is one of longing; for the happiness of youth, for Edenic visions of nature, and for bittersweet memories of departed... Read More

Book Review

The Last Smile

Amit’s health quickly deteriorated, and then he was gone. His parents were left looking back with the “hope of making some sense of it all.” Amit’s father, Jeevan Zutshi, writes, “The truth is, we cannot blame... Read More

Book Review

Boogeymen and Bedtime Stories

Charlie looks across a village green. He notices that the shadows of the people seem to be dragging heavy iron balls attached to chains. However, the humans themselves are unencumbered by any medieval torture devices. Observing with him... Read More

Book Review

The Reality of God in the Universe

“God is a concept created within the human mind” Bedrich V. Hettich writes. “…The human mind tries to understand and give meaning to the basis upon which we as humans came into existence. Our minds strive to find answers from the... Read More

Book Review

All the Little Children

by Karen McCarthy

In a culture whose media are soaked in hateful anti-gay imagery the malevolent words and deeds of hatemongers like Fred Phelps and legislative initiatives that attempt to deprive gay people of their rights this is a refreshing and... Read More

Book Review


by Todd Mercer

The Deutsche Democratic Republic during the Warsaw Pact era was a grey country steeped in mutual suspicion. As this book’s protagonist views it “East Germany seemed to stay stopped in time—her guess 1949.” A mind-boggling... Read More

Book Review

Uncle Sean

by John R. Selig

As a barn on a deserted farm in Southwest New Mexico is torn down, an old box sealed with disintegrating duct tape drops to the barn’s floor. The thirty-year-old contents-a Big Chief Tablet, a letter, dog tags from the Vietnam War, and... Read More

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