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Book Review

Through the Abyss

by Eileen Gonzalez

The first novel in a science fiction series, "Through the Abyss" follows a complicated quest to protect human beings from forces that would destroy them. Earth is the epicenter for an alien battle in Sidney Son’s science fiction novel... Read More

Book Review

First Strike

by Alex Dailey

The universe’s safety is at risk in the gripping science fiction novel "First Strike", which features an exciting array of extraterrestrial entities. About sacrifices made for others, Angela Haas’s science fiction novel "First... Read More

Book Review

The Junction

by Peter Dabbene

Telling an emotional and fantastical story about love and loss, "The Junction" is a standout graphic novel. Lucas is still eleven years old when he reappears in town over a decade after his disappearance. He has not aged at all. His... Read More

Book Review

The Sisters Sputnik

by Michelle Anne Schingler

Time travelers, storytellers, and evolving synthetic beings lead Terri Favro’s tour de force novel. There are approximately two and a half thousand alternate worlds that Debbie knows of—one for each nuclear blast set off in Earth... Read More

Book Review

The Redeemed

by Matt Benzing

In the post-apocalyptic novel "The Redeemed", human beings who may have lost their access to the future struggle with what they should believe. R. V. Minkler’s thrilling novel "The Redeemed" is an apocalyptic adventure with a spiritual... Read More

Book Review


by John M. Murray

In the musing science fiction novel "Geodysseus", a scientist races to uncover the truth about a vehicle that crashed in the desert. In Joe Costanzo’s science fiction novel "Geodysseus", a Death Valley find prompts fears of a Russian... Read More

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