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Book Review

Baby Steps

by John M. Murray

Genetic engineering is behind the movements of "Baby Steps", a novel that dramatizes both philosophical musings and scientific revelations. In Eugene Clark’s robust novel "Baby Steps", independent parents grapple with the morality and... Read More

Book Review

Purged Souls

by Claire Foster

Brutality is juxtaposed with humor and compassion in this speculative, science-inflected novel about human nature in extremis. Twenty years after a pandemic devastated the earth’s human population, survivors struggle to maintain their... Read More

Book Review

Green's Discovery

by Eileen Gonzalez

Green’s Discovery is, in some ways, the ultimate fantasy: a group of all-powerful aliens arrive, able and willing to fix every major problem on Earth. Alien visitors transform Earth into a proto-utopia in R. W. Karp’s science fiction... Read More

Book Review

Earth's Emergence

by Delia Stanley

The science fiction novel Earth’s Emergence finds hope for humanity in the ethical use of science and technology. In Matthew J. Baldwin’s science fiction drama Earth’s Emergence, an alien reincarnates as a boy genius whose... Read More

Book Review


by Aimee Jodoin

Kirk E. Hammond’s science fiction series start off "Opposable" is gory and campy in all the best ways, with captivating characters to boot. Kirk E. Hammond’s science fiction adventure "Opposable" is a punk rock road trip novel... Read More

Book Review

The Albatross

by John M. Murray

Providing fertile ground for a new series, The Albatross: Contact is an action-packed and contemplative science fiction epic. Connor Mackay’s space epic The Albatross: Contact examines the mental cost of war as humans and aliens unite... Read More

Book Review


by Benjamin Welton

In the futuristic world of John Graham’s "Seraph", voidstalkers fight a rogue conspiracy that threatens all of humanity. In John Graham’s science fiction thriller "Seraph", the future includes a group of genetically enhanced,... Read More

Book Review

Cloud 9

by John M. Murray

"Cloud 9" is a near future thriller about escapism, government control, and maintaining one’s humanity. In N. Matthias Moore’s cyber thriller "Cloud 9", gamers compete to reach a digital heaven first as outside forces conspire to... Read More

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