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Book Review

The Given

by Brandee Gruener

"The Given" is a radiant fantasy novel in which a young adult grows into her magical powers and embraces them. In Gary Clark’s fantasy novel The Given, teenagers flee a government that wishes to capture and neutralize anyone with... Read More

Book Review

The Best of World SF

by Claire Foster

Although science fiction imagines diverse, imaginative, and frightening futures, genre anthologies rarely achieve the brilliant range and diversity of voices of The Best of World SF: Volume 1. Edited by Lavie Tidhar, this labor of love... Read More

Book Review

How to Mars

by Michelle Anne Schingler

Six bold adventurers leave Earth behind forever in David Ebenbach’s droll science fiction novel "How to Mars". Of the many applicants for a one-way excursion to Mars, six are selected, both for their scientific acumen and for their... Read More

Book Review

Solo Viola

by Ho Lin

Antoine Volodine’s superb post-exotic novel "Solo Viola" imagines a society that’s one step removed from reality. With a narrative spiced up by absurdity and a dead serious message, this is a brisk, engrossing, and phantasmagorical... Read More

Book Review

Black Star

by Peter Dabbene

"Black Star" is a fast-moving, twisting futuristic thriller about a woman-versus-woman contest of survival. Harper, a prominent and dedicated scientist, is sent with a crew to a far-off planet, Eleos, to retrieve samples of a flower with... Read More

Book Review

The Book Glasses

by Eileen Gonzalez

"The Book Glasses" is a science fiction novel in which a previously unlucky woman discovers the joys and dangers of knowledge. An extraordinary artifact changes a woman’s life, but also puts her in grave danger, in Arthur Bozikas’s... Read More

Book Review

Hall of Skulls

by Benjamin Welton

In the fantasy novel "Hall of Skulls", a young man works to save his true love and to achieve eternal wisdom. Jamie Eubanks’s intricate, inventive fantasy novel "Hall of Skulls" combines cosmic futurism with a timeless tale of love and... Read More

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