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Book Review

The Price of Safety

by Susan Waggoner

"The Price of Safety" is an imaginative, action-driven science fiction novel set in a nightmarish yet plausible future. Michael C. Bland’s dystopian novel "The Price of Safety" is set in a future with a government that’s powerful... Read More

Book Review

The Dark That Dwells

by John M. Murray

"The Dark That Dwells" is a powerful start to a new space opera series. In Matt Digman and Ryan Roddy’s robust space opera, The Dark that Dwells, four strangers face their fears as the return of a dark entity looms. Human beings have... Read More

2019 Finalist for Science Fiction

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John Dermot Woods, Vera Kurian, Ashley Shelby, Hal Y. Zhang, germ lynn, Aeryn Rudel, and Alexander Pyles
Radix Media
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2019 Finalist for Science Fiction

2019 Finalist for Science Fiction

2019 Finalist for Science Fiction

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