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Here are all of the books we've reviewed that have 182 pages.

Book Review

Pictures of the Shark

by Jeff Fleischer

An often sad and always compelling novel in short stories, Thomas H. McNeely’s "Pictures of the Shark" follows Buddy, tracking the echoes of his parents’ broken marriage as they reverberate through his coming-of-age. In “Snow,... Read More

Book Review

Earning Her Business

by Carol Booton

Katie Mares draws on her leadership coaching expertise in "Earning Her Business", a primer on achieving success in business by focusing on the needs of women customers and employees. Arguing that brand perceptions and consumer behaviors... Read More

Book Review

Blue Crystal

by Delia Stanley

"Blue Crystal" is a science fiction story about technology and power that questions humanity’s trust in government leadership. Mark Ridler’s science fiction drama "Blue Crystal" follows government scientists who are willing to risk... Read More

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