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Book Review

The Book of Souls

by John M. Murray

"The Book of Souls" is an eerie thriller in which a teenager with paranormal gifts attempts to find his lost family. A near-death experience leaves a teenager between worlds in Kevin Moore’s unsettling thriller "The Book of Souls".... Read More

Book Review

Hold My Place

by Dontaná McPherson-Joseph

A goth librarian falls for a handsome married chef in Cassondra Windwalker’s novel of obsessions, "Hold My Place". Snarky, dark Sigrun is secure in her identity. She loves her career, horror movies, and choosing materials for her... Read More

Book Review


by Matt Benzing

The chilling, thought-provoking stories in the novel "Circus" are a phantasmagorical fun house mirror of human behaviors. Christopher Shavers’s "Circus" is a terrifying, sometimes surreal tale of revenge, insanity, and dark magic. The... Read More

Book Review

The Girl From Dark Dakota

by Joseph S. Pete

The past haunts a troubled Midwestern town in the moody horror novel The Girl from Dark Dakota. In Bryan Devore’s paranormal novel The Girl from Dark Dakota, supernatural evils haunt a town in which death has concealed dark secrets. On... Read More

Book Review

No Gods, No Monsters

by George Hajjar

A distinctive urban fantasy novel, Cadwell Turnbull’s "No Gods, No Monsters" is an operatic story involving monsters, magic, and myth. The stage is set when Laina receives a flash drive containing footage of a Boston cop killing a... Read More

Book Review

The Magic Keys of Tanglewood

by Delia Stanley

In the supernatural novel "The Magic Keys of Tanglewood", girls at a prestigious school pursue a generational mystery. In Malcolm Chester’s novel "The Magic Keys of Tanglewood", girls at a prestigious private school uncover a curse... Read More

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