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Book Review

The Blood She Wore

by Delia Stanley

In the chilling novel "The Blood She Wore", strong women and strange spirits dominate. In Steven Ramirez’s horror novel "The Blood She Wore", a close-knit group of friends works to destroy the evil that is plaguing their small town.... Read More

Book Review

A Flood of Posies

by Claire Foster

In a flooded future haunted by fearsome leviathans, Thea struggles with addiction, the loss of her sister, and hostile conditions. "A Flood of Posies" is gripping speculative fiction about unexpressed trauma. Scrappy and abrasive, Thea... Read More

Book Review

Size Zero

by Claire Foster

In the world of high fashion, no model is too thin, no price too high, and no design too grotesque. So reveals Abigail Mangin’s painful, zany satirical novel "Size Zero", about the exploitation behind the elaborate fashion shows and... Read More

Book Review

North of the Dead

by John M. Murray

Zombies prowl in "North of the Dead", a novel in which human beings work to survive at any cost. In Vince Salvatore’s thrilling novel "North of the Dead", a zombie outbreak in Canada forces an unlikely group to band together for... Read More

Book Review

Who's There?

by George Hajjar

Who’s There? unites folktales with modern domestic horrors, resulting in a chilling collection. The five surprising horror stories in Dimas Rio’s Who’s There? mobilize fear to question religious piety, the makings of monsters, how... Read More

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