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Here are all of the books we've reviewed that have 182 pages.

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Book Review

The Ugly Fight

by Laura Leavitt

The book’s extended thought experiment, which details how AI could impact our fight against climate change, is compelling. R. S. Amblee’s technological, environmental examination, Unleashing Artificial Intelligence Against Global... Read More

Book Review

A Potpourri of Poems

by Andrea Hammer

Poems focus on shared experiences with honest and openly expressed feelings. Gary Ten Eyck’s often musical poetry collection, "A Potpourri of Poems", chimes from the opening note. Family themes dominate, starting with the... Read More

Book Review

The Door

by Erika Harlitz Kern

"The Door" follows a teenager as she unearths her true identity in a high-speed adventure of good versus evil. Craig Wickersham’s young-adult fantasy "The Door" is steeped in the supernatural and occult. "The Door" follows a teenager... Read More

Book Review

Why Debate

by Joe Taylor

This collection of essays belong in the hands of all those looking to persuade a thinking public. Shawn Briscoe’s collection of essays "Why Debate" is a compelling argument for the inclusion of debate and forensics programs in American... Read More

Book Review

No Place to Hide

by Joe Taylor

This account of a deadly Vietnam battle serves the truth, and is a long overdue and thorough narrative. Bill Sly’s new book, "No Place to Hide", comes forward to tell a little-known story of the Vietnam War—a unit’s ill-fated... Read More

Book Review

Far from Home

by Claire Rudy Foster

Marriage of convenience? What could go wrong? Well, everything, in Lorelie Brown’s sassy new LGBTQ romance, Far From Home. In an attempt to solve their mutual problems—crushing student debt and American citizenship,... Read More

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