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September 15, 2016

Here are all of the books we've reviewed that were published September 15, 2016. You can also view all of the books we've reviewed that were published anytime in September 2016.

Book Review

Über Alles

by Lisa A. Flowers

This moving and riveting historical narrative is entertaining and readable, and is bound to appeal to anyone who appreciates a great story. Robert Arthur Neff’s "Über Alles" is a fully absorbing blend of history and fiction, an... Read More

Book Review

Leadership in the Bible

by Claire Foster

Drawing from ancient wisdom, this book shows that strong leaders endure, even in dark times. The books of the Bible, which have been used for divination, for inspiration, and as a tool for better living, are given new treatment in... Read More

Book Review

The City

by Peter Dabbene

Collectively, these dark stories will not just give readers the chills, but have them looking over their shoulders with suspicion. Erik Hinrichsen paints the bleak, compelling landscape of a city and its inhabitants in his collection of... Read More

Book Review

The Bread Maker

by Amanda Adams

This novel is a stirring reminder of the basic human instinct to persevere through even the toughest times. "The Bread Maker" by Moira Leigh MacLeod is a lush and complex narrative that communicates the beauty of a life filled with... Read More

Book Review

Block Genius

by Sarah E. White

In "Block Genius", Sue Voegtlin aims to take the guesswork—and the math—out of quilting, for quilters of all skill levels. She does this by providing exploded diagrams for more than 200 quilt blocks worked on grids of 2x2, 3x3, 4x4,... Read More

Book Review

Biting the Hands that Feed Us

by Anna Call

Promoting a libertarian take on the regulation of organic food, this engaging book presents a fresh perspective on a popular topic. According to Biting the Hands that Feed Us, food production regulation is an unfortunate fact of life for... Read More

Book Review

A Cage in Search of a Bird

by Monica Carter

Noiville’s novel is a sharp, taut thriller, both thought-provoking and terrifying. Florence Noiville’s "A Cage in Search of a Bird" is an engrossing psychological thriller that examines the emotional depths of obsession. The book is... Read More

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