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Book Review


by Eileen Gonzalez

Members of a Tahitian family cannot escape one another in Titaua Peu’s novel "Pina". Nine-year-old Pina’s life, already darkened by abuse and poverty, becomes even harsher when an accident turns her drunken father Auguste into a... Read More

Book Review

Café Shira

by Michael Elias

In David Ehrlich’s contemporary novel "Café Shira", a literary coffee house located in the heart of Jerusalem becomes a temple for the patrons who frequent it. There are many people who regularly spend their time in Café Shira. They... Read More

Book Review


by Erika Harlitz Kern

In Steve Sem-Sandberg’s historical novel "W.", a soldier is sentenced to death for murder during the Napoleonic Wars. Always at the wrong place at the wrong time, Johann Christian Woyzeck struggles to find his place in life. Orphaned... Read More

Book Review


by Erika Harlitz Kern

Hermann Burger’s "Brenner" is an autobiographical novel about childhood traumas and the pleasures of smoking a cigar. Hermann Arbogast Brenner is the heir to a Swiss tobacco empire who is approaching his own end. Wrapping up his... Read More

Book Review


by Aleena Ortiz

In Lina Wolff’s psychological thriller "Carnality", a writer arrives in Madrid and sets out to become a new person. The writer observes a married couple, Santiago and Miranda. He has dementia; she cares for him. Enchanted by their... Read More

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