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Book Review

Hotel Cartagena

by Joseph S. Pete

In Simone Buchholz’s original, stylish thriller "Hotel Cartagena": during a high-stakes hostage situation in a high-class hotel bar, the past catches up to the powerful. While celebrating a birthday atop a hotel overlooking Hamburg,... Read More

Book Review

Here Is a Body

by Karen Rigby

In Basma Abdel Aziz’s haunting novel about state oppression, "Here Is a Body", homeless youth are conscripted into a rehabilitation program sponsored by a general, while ordinary citizens, who oppose him, protest a recent coup. In this... Read More

Book Review

A Single Rose

by Meg Nola

In Muriel Barbery’s evocative novel "A Single Rose", a woman travels to Japan following the death of her father. Rose is forty, lives in France, and has never met her mysterious father, Haru; she only knows that he is Japanese and... Read More

Book Review

Life Sciences

by Eileen Gonzalez

A young woman struggles with an inexplicable malady and the weight of her family history in Joy Sorman’s novel "Life Sciences". Ninon has always known about the family curse: every eldest daughter will at some point be stricken by a... Read More

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