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February 2013

Here are all of the books we've reviewed that were published February 2013.

Book Review

Dialogue with the Self

by Angela McQuay

"Dialogue with the Self" presents a compelling and intriguing look into what mankind should be aspiring to. "Dialogue with the Self" is a deep and thought-provoking journey through the mythical utopian city of Niyod. In this spiritual... Read More

Book Review

Lily's Story

by Melissa Wuske

Lily’s Story is a satisfying look at one life as it crosses many eras—from 1840 to the 1920s. Lily’s Story by Don Gutteridge is an intriguing account of one woman’s life that shows how her identity grows and changes from her... Read More

Book Review

Love Poems for Cannibals

by Colby Cedar Smith

"Love Poems for Cannibals" is filled with beautiful contradictions—humorous at times, yet a deep sense of grieving permeates the collection. Raymond Keen’s debut book of poetry, "Love Poems for Cannibals", is akin to “experiencing... Read More

Book Review

Last Breath

by Wayne Cunningham

Skillfully crafted, "Last Breath" is an eye-opening look at the horrors of child prostitution. With a brisk pace, David Swendsen’s novel "Last Breath" depicts the evils of an odious child prostitution network operating throughout South... Read More

Book Review

Philo of Reli

by Wayne Cunningham

This collection of intertwined stories boasts well-imagined characters and fresh imagery. Individuals interested in the intricacies of philosophy, history, literature, and religion will find "Philo of Reli", Nosael Gy Gleason’s... Read More

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