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Dialogue with the Self

Unlocking the Door to Your Trueself

Clarion Rating: 3 out of 5

Dialogue with the Self presents a compelling and intriguing look into what mankind should be aspiring to.

Dialogue with the Self is a deep and thought-provoking journey through the mythical utopian city of Niyod. In this spiritual book, author Wahab Owolawi seeks to explain why man is embroiled in never-ending conflicts, and how we can bring the battles to an end.

A fictional “traveller and seeker of enlightenment” named Operosus narrates this journey to discover the “true self” and how to reconnect to it. On his quest, Operosus visits Niyod and speaks with the city’s leaders and government officials. He later returns to speak to residents of the city, and he wraps up the journey by having a frank discussion with his less-enlightened self about what he has learned. It is through these three dialogues that he arrives at the true meaning of the soul, what it means to be enlightened, and why so many in the human race are focused on worldly dilemmas instead of seeking a higher state.

Though the book’s information is solid and quite interesting, its question-and-answer format can be off-putting. The conversation does not come across as natural, and there are instances of incorrect word usage and phrasing. The chapters are uneven in format, which creates a slightly jarring reading experience. On the first journey to Niyod, chapters are separated by topic, but this convention disappears on the second visit to Niyod, when conversations are separated only by italicized transitions. By the ending section in which Operosus speaks with himself, there are no separations at all.

The unevenness of the book’s content is reflected on the cover, where “trueself” is treated as a single word in the title; in usage throughout the book, however, “true self” is two separate words.

Dialogue with the Self presents a compelling and intriguing look into what mankind’s aspirations should be. Along with Owolawi’s personal opinions (as explained by Operosus), there are also numerous quotes and excerpts from highly regarded spiritualists, leaders, and philosophers; these help back up his position and lend credibility. The book does repeat quotes a few times, but overall the references are solid and well placed. Dialogue with the Self often resembles a content curation project on enlightenment, and could very easily act as a jumping-off point for those who want to do further reading on the topic.

Dialogue with the Self provides some thought-provoking information and brings together wisdom from numerous sources that make for a deep and affecting read. It is recommended for those who seek enlightenment and want to learn more about their place in the world.

Reviewed by Angela McQuay

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