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October 2010

Here are all of the books we've reviewed that were published October 2010.

Book Review


by Margaret Cullison

Nature has great healing power for people at odds with their existence on earth. Its vast complexity brings an appreciation of life that calms even the most harried among us. A hike through the Vosges Mountains in Alsace, France, serves... Read More

Book Review

Western Romance

by Julia Ann Charpentier

Fascination with the Old Wild West permeates every facet of the entertainment industry, inspiring television shows, blockbuster movies, and award-winning books. This unique time was a difficult period in U.S. history that reached near... Read More

Book Review

The Thirteenth Knight

by Mark McLaughlin

To marry up fantasy fiction with a well-known folk tale and make it accessible to a young audience while still keeping it interesting for adults is a daunting task of Arthurian proportion—and one performed with grace and charm by Basil... Read More

Book Review

The Church

by Mark McLaughlin

To present the history of the Catholic Church in a single, slim volume is a daunting task, but to do so in an eloquent and entertaining manner is nothing short of a miracle. John Berryman performs just such a marvel in The Church... Read More

Book Review

Dean Robb

by John Michael Senger

“The hottest place in hell is reserved for those who in time of moral crisis remained neutral.” This favorite quotation of John F. Kennedy and Martin Luther King, Jr., sometimes attributed to the Italian poet, Dante, aptly describes... Read More

Book Review


by Laura Munion

Picture living in a world where progress is forbidden and technological stasis is the goal. The place and time: the American Wild West in 1870, Branigan County. This is the setting for much of "McCreedie". The novel follows the lives of... Read More

Book Review

Murder at the Villa Museum

by Jill Allen

In his eighth novel, the second with protagonist Los Angeles detective Dale Lipinski, Californian Roberto de Haro weaves a tale about the unsavory bedfellows of crime and politics. The killing at the heart of "Murder at the Villa Museum"... Read More

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