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Book Review

Fear Traps

by Jeremiah Rood

"Fear Traps" is an insightful self-help book concerned with how meditation techniques can be used to address trauma. Nancy Stella’s hopeful self-help book "Fear Traps" suggests a mindful approach to trauma and its effects. Advances in... Read More

Book Review

Never Say I’m Sorry

by Katerie Prior

"Never Say I’m Sorry" is a self-help resource concerned with the development of good behaviors and practices. Samer G. Touma’s direct, enlightening self-help book "Never Say I’m Sorry" argues that a life of meaning begins with... Read More

Book Review

Good Psych, Bad Psych

by Aleena Ortiz

"Good Psych, Bad Psych" warns prospective patients to be critical of who is providing their care. Joshua Thomas dispels misconceptions about the Australian health industry in "Good Psych, Bad Psych", a self-help book concerned with the... Read More

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