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Reviews of Books with 244 Pages

Here are all of the books we've reviewed that have 244 pages.

Book Review

Unfinished Business

by Jeana Jorgensen

"Unfinished Business" is an exciting urban LGBTQ+ fantasy novel with a diverse and lively cast. In Tim Susman’s exhilarating urban fantasy novel "Unfinished Business", a private investigator’s world of werewolves and ghosts is... Read More

Book Review

These Bodies

by Tanisha Rule

In the whirling, spirited short stories of Morgan Christie’s "These Bodies", familiar concerns meet metaphorical otherworldliness. Unable to find seasoning salt anywhere in town, a woman finds a store on a previously unseen street; she... Read More

Book Review


by Benjamin Welton

In the fast-moving political thriller "Oldogs", a motley intelligence crew takes on an international and devious terrorist team. Kip Cassino’s weird and wonderful novel "Oldogs" is about a rogue Kazakh warlord, stolen nuclear weapons,... Read More

Book Review

My Storied Year

by Aimee Jodoin

A seventh grader grows from an angry, insecure boy with dyslexia into a confident, hopeful young man in Katie Proctor’s middle grade novel, "My Storied Year". Dragon Stewart hates school. He’s a year older than his seventh-grade... Read More

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