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Here are all of the books we've reviewed that have 142 pages.

Book Review

The Covenant of Salt

by Jeremiah Rood

"The Covenant of Salt" is an inspirational guidebook for believers. Nguumbur Lovette Ikongo’s inspirational self-help book "The Covenant of Salt" uses biblical insights to promote spiritual development. Building on Jesus’s idea that... Read More

Book Review

A Mermaid's Journal

by Rebecca Monterusso

A Mermaid’s Journal is a sweet middle-grade fantasy in which mermaids live among us. In Melissa G. Goodmon’s middle-grade fantasy, A Mermaid’s Journal, a young mermaid writes about friendship, love, and being true to yourself.... Read More

Book Review

The Lightning Jar

by Michelle Anne Schingler

In Christian Felt’s eerie and wondrous "The Lightning Jar", an outwardly ordinary Swedish family’s history is plumbed for its most extraordinary dreams and aspirations. Amanda and Karl spend their summer perched on the edge of a... Read More

Book Review

My Peaceful Place

by Amanda Adams

An enjoyable short story and image collection, "My Peaceful Place" reminds us that no obstacle is too big to overcome with the right mindset. My Peaceful Place: A Collection of Stories and Pictures to Comfort and Heal by Renee Heiss is a... Read More

Book Review

A Garden Wall in Provence

by Hilary Daninhirsch

"A Garden Wall in Provence" is a pleasing romp through the countryside of France, complete with quirky neighbors and croissants. Carrie Jane Knowles’s "A Garden Wall in Provence" is an utterly charming novella about mothers and... Read More

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