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Book Review

Something Great and Beautiful

by Jordana Landsman

Enrico Pellegrini gave the 2008 financial crisis time to bake, rise, and cool before blasting it with his incisive and satirical novel "Something Great and Beautiful". After a meet-cute in Italy, Rosso and Chloe take divergent paths.... Read More

Book Review

The Astronaut's Son

by John M. Murray

In Tom Seigel’s The Astronaut’s Son, Jonathan Stein is the CEO of an emerging private aerospace company. He is close to achieving a lifetime goal of reaching the moon—a task his father left unfulfilled after suffering a fatal heart... Read More

Book Review

Laurentian Divide

by Letitia Montgomery-Rodgers

Sarah Stonich’s "Laurentian Divide" continues the story of northern Minnesota’s Hatchet Inlet, a vacation town whose residents are deeply rooted in a place dependent on transience. Poised on winter’s trailing edge, everyone waits... Read More

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