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Book Review

(Extra)Ordinary Women

by Meredith Grahl Counts

Kristin Bartzokis’s "(Extra)Ordinary Women" features ten contemporary stories of women who’ve been through hell and back. The hardships they endured are related with their firsthand input and a steady authorial tone. Each chapter is... Read More

Book Review

The Star in the Christmas Play

by Kara Hansen

Raffi the giraffe is disappointed when everyone except him earns a special role in the school’s Nativity play; all he wants is to fit in, but his height seems to make that impossible. The muted illustrations feature adorable savanna... Read More

Book Review

Me & Mario

by Joseph S. Pete

Me and Mario is a thoughtful and intimate memoir about life with a famous writer. Carol Gino’s engaging memoir Me and Mario dishes on the details of the bestselling author’s longtime romantic relationship with Mario Puzo, who wrote... Read More

Book Review

Duty to Warn

by John M. Murray

Sara Kersting’s "Duty to Warn" is a finely tuned, suspenseful chase story. Psychologist David Malden has been working with a patient, Robert Percy, during his off hours. When Percy suddenly returns to rural Michigan, Malden fears the... Read More

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